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Curated this after 4 months of browsing
Yung Lean x Yeezy inspired

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Please I need advice homecoming is tonight what do you guys think

My thoughts are that you should post in the waywt thread.

thoughts on band shirts? any good inspo fits? I'd love to rock a few (not as generic as pic related) but idk what to wear with them.
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Pants and shoes.
Maybe a jacket if it is cold out.
Boots if you want.
Probably shouldn't let people on the internet dictate what you wear. Kind of pathetic and insecure.
I don't really see what's pathetic or insecure about that to be honest

Looking for advice from people with more experience of fashion so you can dress better and feel in general better about yourself

what are some more brands like carhartt?
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Dickies Wrangler Levis
Duluth Trading Company

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ID on this Trefoil tee? bought it for 50 cents but cant find info on it
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please Im begging you someone give me some info on it

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old one 300.
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yes if youre a girl
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cop or not? I need something with good arch support.

I have just seen a speech about the fashion business from the perspective of a retailer and I thought it was very interesting.
Is anyone here trying to get into fashion professionaly?

I personally am studying something completely differen, but I am always thinking about it cuz I got some ideas or a concept that nobody else seems to realize perfectly....and sometimes I am so frustrated with clothes that I just wanna make my own stuff.
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I have a lot of friends working in fashion (big houses) and they all pretty much hate it. Actually most of them quit last year and are thinking about moving to something else. In the big houses you are basically a slave who's treated like shit unless you're in the top spot or a photographer. They seem to get good pay tho.

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i really dig Gambino's style
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Where can I look to find some nice boots for my gf to wear with some men's raws I got her?
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Also I'm thinking laced boots
frye has the best looking womens boots id say.
Ankle length is best

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Hey /fa/, are altoids effay? Disregard the rotation bug.
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>is x effay?
can you get any dumber than this?

Looking to buy a pair of boots soon, what is the most versatile color that I could wear with both dressy and casual outfits?
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brown t b h f a m
I'm a poorfag who's only able to afford milsurp boots. Any other boots besides corcorans that don't look like ass?
There's a bunch of browns though, senpai. Right now I'm thinking rightmost, the burgundy/reddish kinda tone.

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palace is for faggots
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Hello friends
I like this kind of sneaker but have no idea what this style/design is called,talking about the very thin fabric and thin sole in particular.
It's extremely comfortable and doesn't look like a regular converse plus i can lift in these.
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the question was if you know what's the style called and if so reccomend some other models.
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plz respond
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last bump

it's official, wide leg jeans are the new skinny jeans (aka early adopter, hot, influential, the choice of objectively superior at aesthetics, fashionable jeans of choice)

black skinny jeans are the new raw selvedge (aka reddit mfa dad fedora kmart tier)
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Youre late on this man. Shits been poppin off like this in japan and the denim community forever.

Thats why the flat front chinos are thing plus every khaki from walmart to ssense is either pleated creased or flat front and only slightly tapered .
I don't know. For my skinny ass distance runner legs, black skinny jeans just fit. Wide leg jeans sit kind of weird above the knee.
I think wide pants look just fine, the issue is when there is a break, and they begin to look sloppy.

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What are some good pants to wear in the summer? Preferably something light and loose, anything but shorts though. How the hell can you be effay when it's hot?
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Linen pants. Couldn't specify a brand for you, but if you can find 'em at a decent price, get some.
Thanks man I'll look into it

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What brand gold chains should I look at if I want something that looks similar to this but don't really want $1000 Versace shit. I don't need anything fancy or designer but at the same time I don't want some random cheap logo or design in it. Just want a round pendant with gold for like 25-50 bucks I intentionally don't want anything flashy
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just get a used one at a local jewler

Is it tacky to get a medusa head chain if it's not made by Versace?

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