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one of these threads
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shoe size.jpg
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Make me pay you over PayPal if I can't guess your shoe size. Follow the following rules to play:

1) Post a picture of your shoe next to a piece of standard sized paper (as pictured). Mens shoes only.
2) I will reply to your pic with a guess to your shoe size. (US mens)
3) Reply with a pic of the tag that shows the shoe's actual size so we can see if I was on or not.
4) If I was off, email me a final picture of the pair at alphabusinessman69 at gmail as proof that you're the one I owe and I'll PayPal you your winnings.

Ignore the pay rate I have on the sheet in the picture, that was from my first go at this.


- If I'm off by only half a size $5
- If I'm off by a full size $10
- If I'm off by more than a full size $20

When I've had enough, I'll post a comment that I'm done. If you want to participate but don't care about the money, that's cool - I still want to guess!

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missed the thread before why not
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These hats are getting out of control
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anyone else see the rare af 2003 Donald Trump Supreme shirt going for $2000 on grailed
>Make 4chan Cuck Again
i blame ian connor fo that

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Queen of /fa/
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i hate gooks so much
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Queen of /fa/
she is so boring. wonder what she looks like without circle lenses / makeup

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Elias thread

What is this style called?
Other inspo apart from elias?
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Post your (prescription) eyewear.
Rate and discuss.

The other glasses thread got derailed.

What do the watermark letters on lenses mean - manufacturer marking? In this case 'VP'.
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frontal view.
nobody here wears specs today?
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Ray Ban RX 7025

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Can you guys help me with a hairstyle thread? Post hairstyles that you like.

I tried getting my an undercut top knot but the guy fucked it up by doing the undercut too high on the back of my head, so im looking for ideas
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what i wanted v_v
What is this, 2015?
i like how it looks

post your "2016" hairstyles brah

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post yours and or inspo
also 77 decides what i get tomorrow
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cmon guys we had a great one of these the other day
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ITT: top-tier kpop fits
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Just look up BTS. Kim Taehyung is the epitome of effay
For real?
i was gifted like 4 HBA pieces by one of the managers of the brand, 2 are really rare so dont know if i should sell

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Aye /fa/, what are some good bang for your buck yet quality Underware and why are they NOT Calvins?

>Posts Gigi in Calvins anyways
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Tommy Hilfiger
I love the design, but I'm a cheapskate and having something similar for less would be nice
For some reason those CK sports bras give me a massive boner. Especially in grey. I don't know why.

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General inspo thread.

>Living space

Otherwise /tumblr/ thread.
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kill yourself, my man
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I feel like getting something printed this week, so post images or stuff you would like on a t shirt
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Draw/Design something yourself fag. It will probably be cooler and more you. Have a few tees I printing some drawings I made onto. Did it to have my own aesthetic show but it is also a good conversation starter. Girls dig that shit, but thats not why I did it anyway. Just a bonus.
What is this from?

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Post musicians that are /fa/ double if the music is good
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>The Replacements
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Help me choose what to buy when i save enough money.Here's what im considering
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I'm looking for a black backpack

Ones I typically see people wearing are Herschel and Burton. Would a basic brand like Jansport be good?

It's not fo school it's just to carry stuff in
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yeah sure
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jansport superbreak.jpg
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The Jansport Superbreak is the most effay backpack there is, because it's exceedingly simple and classic looking, highly practical because it has a lifetime guarantee, and because it doesn't scream, "I am a flaming homosexual who loves the taste of penis," like 99% of /fa/ approved gear does.

Just be sure that it's the Superbreak model and none of the others. Also, and this is important, make that it's black and that you remove the fucking label

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