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How many of you have a GF? What does FA do for fun with their GFs from time to time?
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Harry is an absolute madman. Fucked Cara AND TayTay

How can one man be so based?
except he fucked neither? lmao
>Lol tfw her fit is more masculine than his
What a gaylord

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Get ready for the summer,
New GATs thread
>post your fits
>post inspo
>argue mmm vs bw
>share cops
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gats was a mistake
it's been latent for a few years now, but 2016 is the year gats will become a normie meme just like roshes and stans previously has
How fucking stupid are you gats have been "normie meme" probably longer than you have been alive
he's right though, at least in regards to /fa/
with the exception of the MMM splatter hype a couple years ago, nobody here has been jumping on them as hard as they have recently

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New waywt

Just got ripped off into buying these boots, how bad are they?
Gonna wear some sneakers with this fit.
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already a thread dipass
boots are fine on their own, could be pulled off in a different fit
what you really need to worry about is that shirt/jacket
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>Just got ripped off into buying these boots
the fuck does this mean

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/fa/ rooms

I'm going to dump my collection slowly. Please feel free to join but only if the rooms could be recreated by someone who can't afford having a house built and if they're not cluttered.
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getting real tired of these minimalistic rooms with light walls, faded wood furniture and plants
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Post some asians in some nice clothes

Bonus points if they're actually from asia and dress distinctly different compared to their western counterparts.
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Go to the YohjiYamamotoGeneral
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i'm pretty damn skinny, and have a pair of a.p.c pns's that would look nice i think

other than slp and cp, what brands make higher quality ones?
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>how to wear chelsea boots without being called a fagoot by your friends?
don't dress like one

that means no skinny jeans or droopy unflattering tops
don't wear them with jeggings i guess

either way they're gonna think you're dressing up though, depends on the occasion with your friends
Really just don't dress like a total faggot.

No skin tight jeans, cropped jeans, or tight fitting tops.

It's as easy as that.

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Always wanted to make my own thread ayy
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y do u need so many pairs

which pair do you wear the most and which the least? what was the biggest waste of money
Those C-Notes are nice af

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shoe size.jpg
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Dudes - do the following:

1) Post a picture of your shoe next to a piece of standard size paper.
2) I'll reply to your post with a guess at the shoe size (must be US sizes, Mens).
3) You reply to my guess with a picture of the tag displaying that shoe's size.
4) If I'm wrong, I have to PayPal you on the following pay scale:

- $25 if I'm off by only half a size (size 10 vs size 10.5).
- $10 if I'm off by a full size (size 11 vs size 10).
- $5 if I'm off by more than a full size (size 12 vs size 10).

This is a serious offer. If I owe you money, email me at alphabusinessman69 at gmail
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>alphabusinessman69 at gmail

has the average intelligence of the average user of this board dropped significantly, or are far more people trolling than there used to be?
I know it has been bad for a while, but I havent seen fascist faggot in forever and the waywt threads are seriously worse than reddit now

the sad thing is i remember when they werent
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I know that feel, senpai
This board is dead
Just more younger people starting to post. Happens every year.
/fa/ has its Eternal September problem without the following learning period. So yes, it's been a problem, and for a while.

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Now that spring is on the rise, post some nice fits for these seasons.
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File: 1452300253111.jpg (93KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1454276473702.jpg (70KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Why do some of you people wanna be so extremely thin with 0 muslce? Why not just ottermode? Clothes fit a lot better on people with this bodytype.
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Because they are too lazy to go to the gym.

Yes ottermode is the best bodytype

those traps are comical but I agree with what you're saying OP.
I agree, but people here usually are too feminine, smoke too many cigs, do drugs, or are too depressed/artsy to care or try

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Is your job /fa/? Does it pay you enough to afford your sick fits?

>assistant to an agent in Hollywood
>definitely not
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No. Yes.
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>attorney - I don't think it's effay
Basically h8 my work wardrobe. I get to wear effay casual shit only on the weekends.
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>Sales Assistant at Department store
>Yes since I only wear basics

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What is the most effay haircut and why is it the buzz cut?

pic related.
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It is if you look like that. Most people don't.
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Dunno if effay, but atleast for me it's obligatory, since thinning heavily on top, and fin gave ED and lack of libido.

Started to lose at 20, now 26 and shiny crown.
And to top it off, can't even grow a beard, so I got best of both worlds.

Pic related.
You mean the haircut cultures across the globe have given slaves? Free men have hair, and slaves are not permitted it.

Besides, literally nothing the military does these days can be effay.

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What do you carry with you every day?
(not including whats in your bag or you car) so we keep autism out of this thread.

Related pic from google.
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>90% of Americans don't even have a passport
You need to make these threads late at night so the kids can grab their daddy's gun while he's sleeping so everyone on 4chan thinks they are a mysterious badass who carries a gun because they just hate black people
mfw americans use their driver licence for everything

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Why is Rockabilly so shit?
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Pompadours are baller as all hell
Tumblr: the aesthetic

It's literally for people who are such failures at being attractive in mainstream society that they have to come together to invent an alternate reality where they're stylish. This goes for all sorts of niche looks, but rockabilly is the worst because of the hipster/tumblr tie-ins.
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black shadow.jpg
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