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What's this style called? Does it even have a name?

Also w2c the outer jacket?
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this is not something to be praised
although the fit looks 'good' its probably still scavenged together from trashbins
good luck finding the jacket
Daily reminder this fit is carried by his facial aesthetics

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How is this for a facial routine? The hydrating cleanser first, them the clearasil suprtfruit pads which is 1% salicylic acid. then the moisturizing lotion. Is this okay? Just started the pads today because I have terrible for head acne but my face is decent.
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way better than most

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>/fa/ will defend this
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OP what's the issue
Clothes are supposed to fit a certain way
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>but not this

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what defines a fashion victim?
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People might say 350s but the majority of people buying them don't really have interest in fashion so I don't count them. Mainly the "meme" brands like Rick and SLP. Not saying they don't have some nice pieces but people in full Rick should do pic related
Someone who chases after all the shitty hypebeast trends.
Anyone who takes an active interest in fashion and ends up dressing worse than when they started

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hat thread? hat thread
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Is there a website or community where I can go for masculine fashion advice?

A lot of you seem like total faggots/numales. I don't want to be cuckolded, so I don't feel like I fit in.
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kill yourself, my man

Why would you be offended? Don't you take pride in being a metrosexual? Masculinity isn't your thing; that's cool. Just make sure to invest in a good camcorder for your cuck sessions.
Same here, this board is useless when no prep general

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I made this dress today. Is it effay?
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shitty angle and lighting
Ngl, it's pretty fuckin' sweet but your tits are too small. Same exact design would look amazing on a pair of Fs.
Oh. I was going for the whole 'back is the new front' thing.

Whats /fa/'s opinion on this?
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I kinda like my clothes that fit my body soooooo
Some clothes canbe tailored for both men and women but on a bigger scale it's ridiculous
it's zara, it won't catch on because people who buy zara know nothing about fashion.
but imo, androgyny can look really good if done right

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Lazy Eye.jpg
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Would /fa/ prefer it if their gf dresses /fa/ or just plain sexy?
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sexy is boring. if i wanted sexy i could go to the nearest club.
Hiding behind some full-body Rick armour is more boring.

Women should dress in a way as to make men horny.
/fa/ would be preferred. my gf is a gymrat who wants to be a fitness model. dresses like trash and keeps wasting money on shitty gymshark clothes hoping they sponsor her.
Her instagram is pure cringe

which cigarettes are /fa/? pic related, davidoff gold are effay af
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stop smoking
we love you
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i'll smoke ya till im dying

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shoe size.jpg
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Let's play a game:

1. Post a picture of a pair of your kicks next to a piece of standard sized paper. Men's shoes ONLY.
2. I will reply with the size I believe your shoes to be. US size mens.
3. You reply to that with a picture of the tag or stamp that shows your shoe size.
4. If I'm on, I win. I get warm fuzzies for being able to guess your shoe size.
5. If I fail, I owe you money according to the following rules.

- If I'm within half a size, I owe you $25.
- If I'm within 2 sizes, I owe you $10.
- If I'm off by more than 2 sizes, I owe you $25.
- If I owe you, email me at alphabusinessman69 at gmail.

All payments are made via paypal. Ignore the pricing on this picture - that's what I did last time around. Only one try per person.
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ill bite
Oh, I fucked up.

I have been using murrays pomade for years to get that bedhead look but surely there must be a better product that does not smell like baby powder?
What does /fa/ suggest?
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Just search matte pomade or clays. I'm using medium hold Admiral pomade right now but since you want bedhead look, go for their matte clay version

Doesnt that get stiff and cracky?
Do you like this stuff?

For me it's the only thing that holds my hair in place, but on the other hand it's a fucking pain in the ass to wash out.

Still not sure what to think of it.

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where can i find more inspiration for this kind of style and what is it called
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it's called being asian
japanese streetwear
used to have ashit ton of inspo for it but my hard drive died
look at visvim, wtaps, and undercover, among other brands
i am asian

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Posy your favorite graphic shirts from artists you like
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I make my own graphic tees

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do shark hoodies make you stylish and effay
or just autistic to those who dont know bape?
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bape or not, they're inexcusable unless you're under the age of 12.
then why are they so popular with adults? even before bape was popularized through the release of bapestas the shark hoodies were a hot item.
>then why are they so popular with adults?
because the majority of human beings on this planet have bad taste.

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