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Which drugs are the most effay?
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this was established long ago my mane

I love who i ham but I want better cloths
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and don't come back until you've gotten yourself down to a normal weight. No amount of clothing is going to make you presentable, lardbutt.
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This thread is for canvas sneakers only. There's plenty of other threads for other shoes.

What's your go to canvas shoe? It's getting warmer and leather is awful in the heat.

Pic related, I buy a new pair every spring.
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my go-to summer shoe
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Yeah they've got suede accents but they're still GOAT
W2C these supergas? All the ones I've seen have a weird sole. These look much cleaner

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post your instagrams
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kill yourself, my man
Fuck off desu

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effay body.jpg
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>no body motivation thread
Post goals, whether it's thinspo or super bulk, just no bully.

I don't know who took this pic but it's literally perfect in every way.
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Yeah, this and the pic of the guy in the gym locker room are perfect. I just wish I had a good routine to get a nice base before the summer.
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>you will hear it
what is this? hear what?

Seriously thinking of ordering a pair. Brother recently copped the wolf grey colour and they look great, but I've been thinking to get the original black. Any suggestions for someone who primarily wears black skinny/slim jeans
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lmao is this 2012 again ?
just get some adidas
the roshes are basic bitch shit. you don't want to be a basic bitch
which adidas would you suggest that are a similar style?

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>tfw ur ugly
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real talk senpai it's worse to be fat so just start working on getting anime mode thin and dressing effay and you'll be ok
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>ugly as fuck
>don't even bother with fashion because it won't fix my face
>ratty hoodie, beanie, and baggy denim
I'm not even fat but skinnyfat, my body is like a huge jelly, I have fucking asymmetrical lips and oddly shaped large face

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H&M Jobs.jpg
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Pretend for a second that you weren't a spoiled underage trust fund kid and you actually had to work for your money.

Would you still hate on H&M?
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i work, am a poorfag and hate h&m
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honestly this jacket is rather excellent for <$30. I have many high end jackets and this is a great value.
i bought something from there for the first time the other day (jeans)

lots of cheap and cringeworthy shit in there but the pants I got look fine and if the quality is shit who cares they were inexpensive

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What makes you happy, /fa/?
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buying clothes
internet porn
American Football
buying clothes/other shit
being drunk
tfw being sad has become comfy

happiness is fleeting, my life is basically a flat line
most times i don't even allow myself to feel happiness and i sabotage/delude myself via guilt and overthinking the banality/pointlessness of whatever it is i'm doing
that sheryl crow song

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Can someone please answer me this question?

this is in no way intended to be bait.

Do people in thinspo honestly believe they look good? If you see the top male models in the fashion industry, theyre all ottermode

Muscles literly look better in clothes, its just a fact. And before you go ape-shit, no i do not mean bodybuilders. I mean people who are generally thin who put on 10 - 15 pounds of muscle

But, bones in clothing is not appealing, espicially when SKINNY JEANS are still loose on your legs.

Now if youre a girl, being thin is more understandable, this isnt about you. That being said, this isnt intended to mean we want to attract you. Men CAN indeed dress for themselves, not to impress women.

>in b4 wah girls like skinny guys

most of the women who like skinny guys, are thinspo fanatics themselves.

my theory on these thinspo obsessed males is that theyre just lazy. They do not want to actually put work in the gym, so they resort to tryng to look thin. Or perhaps its an anime influence? seeing that anime characters are usually always thin.

Please explain to me how looking like a middle school prepubecent male is way better than a guy who can fill out a shirt.
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>kanye otter mode
dude is fat as fuck
nice bait mate
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File: kanye-west-pfw-man-cleavage.jpg (179KB, 1200x800px)Image search: [Google]
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For example:

Raf Simons:

John Varvados:

Rick Owens:
>Techno, rock

>Heavy Metal

I'm trying to think about designers and what influences them (in this case, music) from the culture at large, and how that manifests in the clothing, to think about how I can develop my own style.

I'm not going at it from the other angle, that of who BUYS these kinds of clothes, because that doesn't always end well (eg. hypebeasts, KTT fanboys). But if you guys have some ideas about that, feel free to chime in as well.

But yeah, you guys know more designers influenced by specific genres or artists? For example, I'm pretty sure Undercover has a rock influence, though it seems kind of broad. (That being said, if you guys mention anyone influenced by post-rock or IDM—it'll be greatly appreciated)
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>hip hop
Raf is also into stuff like aphex and kraftwerk iirc
HBA is hype beast faggot shit but this relates to your thread

Post skateshoes

old nikes bit the dust, looking to cop some new ones for spring
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File: shoes_ia52545.jpg (12KB, 351x351px)Image search: [Google]
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nike makes good ones but i'm down to check out something new
never rode lakais before, any feedback?
friend swears by his busentiz's

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What rappers are the most effay?

my vote: sosa
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Young thug, obviously.
>baiting this hard

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What's the most /fa/ subculture/counter culture right now?
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>All black drapey goofninja fits
Honestly surprised the /rog/ cuccbois haven't joined yet.
Young Republican at an Ivy League university.

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Who /pomade/ here?
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old school is best.
water-based are for cucks.
What brands do you use then?

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