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are nantucket reds okay? bought a pair from brooks brothers. was kinda an impulse buy. some inspo maybe?

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What is some essentials meme thot core?
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Here you go.
the mouth slightly open is so dead on lmao

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>tfw prefer /cgl/ girls over /fa/ girls
How do I get out of this rut?
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Just date one. You'll never do it again.


Sup /fa/
Ive been looking into techwear a bit
Most companies who offer this kind of clothing style are asian or expensive as hell
I'm looking for cheap techwear companies
Alternatives or styles that are simular to techwear are also very welcome
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where the hell i cop trousers like these
What do you call inexpensive ?
start with basics before getting the crazier pieces if you're new to techwear, you can't wear this stuff with anything that says "cotton" on the tag.

good cheap techwear basics:
uniqlo airism - tee's, underwear
fiveultimate - shorts
darn tough - socks
icebreaker - merino tees, merino leggings, hoodies
patagonia - houdini windbreaker

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$10 at thrift store.
If i did fuck up it's a cheap mistake
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If i could take off the lightbulb and the logo thing on the front it would be so boss IMO
the front logo isn't ideal, but not worth taking off and risk damaging it. id be so stoked if i found that

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>Rick Owens is overpriced just like Nike shit
>"But it's handmade with the best frabrics and is totally worth $500 for a shirt"
>And how much does it cost to produce the shirt?
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Can be said for almost any designer brand
If you believe h&m and uniqlo prices are justifiable thats probably a start. If anything they're cheap cz production cost are pushed down low and a lot of their workers are doing minimum wage.

Quite a few designer brands (not all mind you) have their production cost bumped up for paying substantially more for labour, be it in first world countries or acceptable wages in others (i.e. not peanuts).

Then you get the fabric and materials used, where they're made, which more often than not is different from mall brands. 100% wool pants from say schneider is not going to be the same with 100% wool pants from uniqlo +j. a lot of designers use really niche fabrics.

And then you have the design aspect. Companies like zara and and asos get a bad rep for copy pasting designs (essentially, plagiarizing) while some designer items are designed with a conceptual idea in mind all the way till its realized. That also takes time. Time = money.

Thats just a part of it, i'm sure there's more i havent touched on. And quite a few designer brands imo purely ride on the fact that they're designer and their reputation throughout the years (LV, burberry, gucci, the like), nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day they're a business and if people buy their stuff, what reason would you have to cut down prices?
>how much does it cost to produce the tatoo?
price of ink, needles and ink caps, $10-20 tops
>then why do people pay $1,000+ for tattoos?
for skill the artist has and time he spends to make it

then add the markup for the brand name, and you got an answer for clothing aswell

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post effay rooms

is my room effay?
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this is /mu/,/v/, and autistic
/mu/ is my most browsed board
looks like my autistic ex-gf's room senpai
so no it's not effay

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Is there anything worse than a weak chin?
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Being a 6' 9/10 model but have a 3-4" dick?
No, being a nigger 6' 9/10 model with a 3-4" dick is worse because everybody expects a big penis from a nigger.
micro penis or retarded


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what are some /fa/ approved lighters?
I was thinking of getting pic related as an upgrade from my chrome zippo

ITT: Post about lighters and smoking accessories
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are cigarette cases gay?
Was thinking of getting one because they keep your cigarettes safe and my cigarette boxes get fucked up by the end of the week
too much, too ugly i'm sorry
get a vintage zippo or just a black/white bic lighter
These are loud af

Hey /fa/. I'm a guy trying to achieve minimalist's style through a monochrome color palette what stores should i shop to achieve this look?
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Cos, Acne Studios, and APC just to name a few.
Any stores that sell the type of clothes you like in solid versions of the colors you like.
Why? seriously why be so minimalist. Minimalism is the most unapproachable style. It doesn't tell you anything about the person, its so plain. Minimalism is designed to not be distracting and too eye catching but something orderly and focus orientated. Express yourself damn it. Fashion is an art right?

with that being said the store doesn't really matter. No matter what someone wears if they dont wear it with confidence i assume its low quality trash.

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>people pay insane amounts of money for gosha tees
>buy a 1:1 rep from taobao

fucking idiots


>how to buy from taobao?

>Where to find good reps?
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sneakerahead - any good?

I want to wear fake shoes and own it by being open about it.
fags trying so hard they can't even stay in their own price range

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Pic related
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>/fa/ggot purchased this
>never came back to post cool pics

Post your unpopular opinion so that /fa/ screams at you with all their /thinspo/ might!

>Rick Owens Sneakers
They are disgusting and clumsy looking; they are repulsive and unelegant, like their wearers. Pic related
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I agree wholeheartedly bruh. To me, they look like Converse tried to make clown shoes.
The main issue with Rick, especially here, is that people who can't really afford it try to pull off the look

So you end up with this gawky teenager wearing a single Rick piece along with a bunch of stuff he got at the mall, and he's short and has a bad body and everything just feels bad
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no they are gud

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Got a 1620 on my SAT. Feel like buying myself some Rick as an early birthday gift to myself and as celebration. Should I?
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Yea celebrate going to a shitty state school GTFO
I got a 1720 and I am a fucking retard.

Damn dude you're dumb as shit.
I got an 1820 and just fucked around on reddit and jerked off the whole time I was supposed to be taking a test prep class online

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> Inb4 this faggot ordered from Brother's Cut

I'm pretty new to this and had no idea what I was getting. I have two of these, one in white and one in brown. They're uncomfortable, the material is shit, I can only wear them with the sleeves pushed up to my elbows, and I constantly have to use a pill shaver to keep them looking decent.

That being said, out of everything I own, those two jackets have elicited more compliments than anything else. I don't have the money to order 400+ dollar designer jackets, but maybe you anons can direct me towards something in a similar style that isn't shit-tier, even if it's just a brand or retailer.

> 6' 2"
> 158 lbs
> Tall and skinny athletic build
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And here you didn't think I was coming from /fit/ so I wouldn't have a picture ready
post a photo of you wearing it

what's your budget?
zara makes cheap shit like that. h&m does too in slightly higher quality.

don't spend any less than $500 on a leather jacket new. you can find used options in your budget but I'm not going to tell you any names.

also it's pretty tasteless trash. are you sure you're not a hick getting hick compliments?

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