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Are mono Dr. Martens /fa/? Is there any alternative?
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the problem is the sillhouette

there are countless alternatives, have you even tried looking for yourself?
Stop being autistic and buying into the only wearing black meme. Get the normal ones, or preferably an old deadstock made in England pair off ebay.
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How are these?
Inspo fits would be nice.

File: 7978375998_da9d30b0a5_z.jpg (150KB, 640x376px)Image search: [Google]
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So there's a lot of strict and more or less universal no no's for men, such as black dress shirts, fedoras or socks with sandals.

Are there any such no-no's for women? That is ALWAYS a bad idea, and universally agreed on.
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And skinny jeans when you got legs the size of a Christmas ham
No black dress shirts? What?
>black dress shirts
It is truly never flattering. Ever.

Dress shirts should ALWAYS be light in color.
And as a bonus: if you have a redish face/acne or such - stay away from pinkish dress shirts, it brings the redness out.

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Post all w2cs here.

W2c jacket/denim shirt that fits like this?
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W2c this model of old skools ?
them ankle veins
A while ago there was roaming a pic of Harry Styles in brown fleece. W2c that fleece. Maybe anyone has at least the pic.

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So I'm starting uni this fall and I want to go for the "I'm a half-preppy half-messy pseudo-intellectual existentialism-reading 20-something"-kinda look.
Like something that says "I read du Beauvoir and Foucault but I'm not pretentious about it" (even though obviously I am). The effortless kinda look, with a lot of effort behind.

Do you know what I mean, /fa/? How do you achieve this core? For women.
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let's see the back
post tits

pls be qt in london

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ww2 military oriented clothes thread?
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This isn't you is it
File: BeXiaqrCIAEvhwZ.jpg (21KB, 270x480px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't think he said it was....

A-are those...walmart rainboots?

File: Snapchat-1713553946688197020.jpg (296KB, 720x1184px)Image search: [Google]
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I was wandering if I can get some advice, let me start off by saying I'm 6'3 around 260 (a bit in the heavy side ) I have absolutely no style at all I usually wear black since it goes with basically everything. I want to change my wardrobe and have style what do you guys recommend ?
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1. Stop buying cheap clothes from mall to make yourself look like a walking advertisement
2. Buy full Rick
I recommend that you stop being a fat fuck.
I met like what are the basic stuff and in what color go great together type of shoes, accessories and etc

File: RH-08111-2-pdp.jpg (42KB, 530x480px)Image search: [Google]
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I got a pair of these a couple years ago, but for the past little bit, every time I wear them, all I can think of is le manly man craft beer under cut and beard meme. Is there any way to wear a boot like this without looking like part of that fad? Inso pics would help thx
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File: 1411690725797.jpg (536KB, 2000x1325px)Image search: [Google]
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No. Now grow a beard, get tattoo sleeves on both arms and take a time machine back to 2010.
fml ;_;

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Live in Rome
File: 1455277267290.png (535KB, 1352x755px)Image search: [Google]
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80s park rapist core

lmao nailed it

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Does anyone here watch Dis?

What YouTubers do you watch?
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Dis is the realest.
He talks like a retard though.
this faggot browses reddit, he's okay though
Literally who?

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Glasses 2.jpg
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Can we have a David Sylvian inspo thread?
Also w2c glasses? I need new frames and thought they were cool
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File: David Sylvian BB 03websmooth.jpg (4MB, 2269x1600px)Image search: [Google]
David Sylvian BB 03websmooth.jpg
4MB, 2269x1600px
I think most posters on this board are way too young to know who David Sylvian is, or have even heard of Japan
not many brands making glasses exactly like that anymore, i would suggest looking for vintage frames and putting in your own lenses.

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W2c quality plain t shirts?

Just solid colored, quality tees. I was thinking Calvin Klein, but I want a second opinion.
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I got fruit of the looms for 3€ each but wouldn't recommmend them.
gap has some cheap plain tee's

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Do comfy, casual, wide, flat-sole, canvas shoes exist?
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No. Go boost.
Converse II
Yeah, vans. That's like their whole thing. Most skate shoes, really, but vans tend toward thinner uppers which I would assume you like from your pic.

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Is he gonna make it /fa/?
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File: sddas.png (691KB, 852x681px)Image search: [Google]
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His skins are shit, default is best

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Post /fa/ instagram accounts (no rickie truoung) or your own.
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File: hmu with ur twinge2.png (1MB, 2560x1229px)Image search: [Google]
hmu with ur twinge2.png
1MB, 2560x1229px
https://www.instagram.com/alber.t/ is def me (v /fa/)

https://www.instagram.com/_mwwtt/ this honeybear knows how to /fa/

https://www.instagram.com/ihavsgudspelin/ rocks shorts /fa/

File: 162705_000_35_3012_QM_1_72.jpg (791KB, 1314x1980px)Image search: [Google]
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Lets collect some pieces one could have worn 60 years ago till now, plus contemporary ones you can combine them with (preferably add price tags).
Also share noteworthy details, and share some knowledge.
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File: 162713_720_35_3012_QM_1_72.jpg (1MB, 1314x1980px)Image search: [Google]
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These cotton shirts are app 150€ and by Van Laack.
Added pockets also work. Collars can be selected afaik but I don't know which criterias one should pay attention to when selecting one (making it fit to your head and face).

White and light blue are the most basic colors for that type I suppose.
File: 36845298pl_13_f.jpg (32KB, 525x700px)Image search: [Google]
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A go to jeans.

I got these sleenkers but in dark blue with a just extremely minimal wash, a bit tighter with superstretch, they have a longer leg and I let them sag sometimes depending on what I wear them with.

They're 180€ and I can wear them with pretty much anything.
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