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w2c these sunglasses at? looking for a cheaper alternative
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ray bans online or any sunglass hut dipshit
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anyone have any advice on what these are called? Look like Oakley's but can't find them. Help is appreciated.

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how do i get my hair to look like this? i have the length but i keep ending up looking like some 12 year old who refuses to get a hair cut
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I had my hair at nipple length and when i cut it to this length this is how it looked. In my case, it seemed like cutting my hair when it was longer than ur pic to the length in the pic gave me fuller and healthier looking hair. If you dont want to wait just use a bunch of conditioner and itll look somewhat like that. Like a wet but not oily look
my hair's pretty healthy, it just has no volume

Are Hantens /fa/?
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if you're not albino
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lurking for shop recs & inspo
i like these so much, sorta want to cop one

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I've recently gotten really into the musical genre of Synthwave. For those unfamiliar, it's essentially based off music of the 80's. My question is, how could I start to incorporate a cool 80's feel into my fits?

Here's a good example:
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Dumping pics in the meantime.
watch back to the future and dress like them
make sure to spend 1000 dollars on nike air mags

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itt: effay movies
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Post some then, idiot
Inb4 more awful reddit-tier movies
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any vaporwave clothing stores /fa/?
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Virtual Plaza, never ordered any myself so I have no idea about the quality however.
not even /mu/ cares about vaporwave anymore dude,it's not 2013. I haven't seen a thread on it in months
who is this anonymous semen demen?


Bout to cop these Authentic Raf Ozweegos for $230. Too much or too good of a deal?

Will post more pics later
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sup /fa/,

link me your best jackets with prints/embroidery on the back. Need a new jacket for the summer.
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massive bump, was gonna ask the same thing
B, interested as well
now that i think about it, could sukajan jackets work?

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What kind of hand pants do you wear?
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i wear dick ovens AW15
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only acceptable answers, unless those are everlast, if thats the case you should use them to hang yourself

your opinion on washed out/worn out clothes thread, not fabricated but really worn out over the years /fa/ or nah?

pic unrelated
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depends, I don't like the look of brand new converse so typically I'll wear them out for a while then wash, bleach, and buy new laces
yeah i meant clothes not shoes
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c-can I clean that up for you desu senpai???

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what are some effay band t-shirts?
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The ones you make yourself.
I thought I was the only faggot who was faggy enough to get prints of my band fanart.


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This is the kind of guy who buys Rick Owens nowadays.
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he a billionaire doe so it dont matter
And? Does this guy have any significance? He just looks like a normal person
>muh secret club

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Is anyone else on here 24+ or am I just chatting shit with teenagers?
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I don't know about you but I'm feelin' 22.
23 almost 24

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need sales.png
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>lowball me
>message me something about /fa/ and I'll give you a 10% discount or smth
Someone buy my 1907 boots, I'll hook it up for any /fa/gs in the states.

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April 77
Rag & Bone
Robert Geller
Todd Snyder
Reigning Champ
Lounge Lizard
Oliver Peoples

pls buy senpai

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Are dark circles under your eyes effay?
Also femanons would you date a guy with these??
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Depends on how you dress and present/carry yourself.

I think they look neat, but that's probably because I have p prominent ones.
Nope, But I also suffer from them. Anyone got tips other than drinking water, to deal with them? This is coming from a guy who goes to sleep at 1am and wakes up at 7am
don't stare at a screen all day, especially not when your room is dark

put spoons in your fridge and then put them under your eyes a bit

try go to bed earlier fag

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