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why are mexicans the least /fa/ ethnicity? this is the only /fa/ mexican I have seen.

everytime i see one they either dress like typical cholos, swagfags, or wear literally one blatantly fake designer piece such as a belt, hat or shirt.
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because theyre poor
You have to look up the rich white mexicans
Depends on racial makeup.
Pic related is of Native American decent of a Mixtec noble family.

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What haircuts do my fellow unfortunate /thin/ hair friends go with? Combover Bieber shit is getting way too old and it's too thin to go with yungleo
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iktf bro. Are you balding or just have naturally very fine hair? Looking for an answer dude I wear my hair the same as you.
Got same hair
Grow it out
i've completely give up with hair because of my shitty genes. i haven't gotten it cut in a year and i just wear a hat

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I don't respect guys who wear :

-leather jackets
-drop crotch pants
-air jordans
-anything camo
-anything with tons of studs , metal pieces , whatever

and anybody who looks like this
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agreed to all points
No one wants the respect of someone who can't even greentext.
No point in greentexting , faggot

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Is adidas the best sneaker brand of all time?
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You happy now?
yeah, they're my favorite, i like other things too though
Nah, dem ugly shoes.

what do you guys think of the new yeezys for 2017
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I just hate the outsole of the yeezy design. Feels too complicated and should be simpler.
Best ones yet
Tight, probably favorite silhouette yet.
The beige is my favorite. I'm gonna hate all of these though if the strap is anything but primeknit or some other stretchy material, if it's just a fabric velcro strap these are shit-tier

File: GynecomastiaFrontalAsymSevere.jpg (404KB, 1000x600px)Image search: [Google]
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6'1, 220 lbs here (Still working on my weight. Lost around 60 pounds in one year.)

I suffer from gynecomastia and that prevents me from wearing nicely fitting clothes. My tits look like left in the pic and I'm ashamed of them. The main question is, should I wear nicely fitting shirts and not give a fuck about my tits or, should I wear some baggier shirts until I get the surgery?
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you don't have to bump this is a slow board
and nobody responded because you already know the answer
I don't know the answer so I posted this thread.
If you're that far gone that you have tiddies then give up on looking good in anything until you can lob them off.

vetements is the best high fashion brand right now
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>vetements is the best high fashion brand right now
demna is so overrated but him and his brother have the idea of luxury correct
>a trenchcoat with "Hello boys" printed on the back


Hey there fashion guys. I have a question.
What can I do to improve my appearance?

Hairstyles, clothing, etc.
I can't grow facial hair(only 18) but wanna still come off as good looking. Any ideas?

Also, rate? I dono how /fa/ works.
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change hair
lose glasses
wear plain t-shirts
get skin products
change your facial expression
stop wearing polos

ID on this jacket please?
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When did Justin Bieber get a sex change?
idk but i'd fuck him
le epic girls look like justin bieber when they cut their hair meme xD

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its weird

coming from a 'fashionable' part of a 'fashionable' city you realise that the people who dress like /fa/ are actually the notably unfashionable lot

the taste of /fa/ is so far behind what is organically cool that coming back here after a couple of years is extremely unsettling

i just want to tell you all to not cop any of it, open your eyes, look at the way people dress and just develop your tastes in an organic sense

i understand that /fa/ is often a gateway: IE you click /fa/ because you know nothing about clothes and it seems like a quick fix.

but i promise you

you do not look cool

take it slow, lads. the best thing you can do for your own style is to never look at this board again.
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>Not browsing /fa/ to steal clothes, shoes, ideas and wallpapers
>Not browsing /fa/ to shitpost

Youre using it wrong famalam
wait you people actually dress like you post in public?

i thought it was all a ruse. surely no one is that autistic.

post a fit
not mad but you sorta have to quantify what good taste is

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Fresh OC hot off the presses.

Spent the better half of the day getting this much unloved yellow polo to fit better. There isn't too much in the way of tailoring how-to's out there, so hopefully this can be of assistance.

In the meantime if anyone has any of their own DIY projects, post that shit.
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I was tapering my own pants and making some shirts in a shitty way because It was the only way I knew, but I fucked up my sewing machine so now I can't do anything :/ i tried fixing it but instead lost some parts, tried looking online for parts but I can't find them. Anyways what sewing machine do you use?
Also want a sewing machine, but one that can sew through denim with relative ease.
Most of them do, you would just have to change the tension

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What is the modern equivalent of this outfit
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kind of

File: 1469942867597.jpg (909KB, 3110x2073px)Image search: [Google]
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pardon my interruption, but i have a question that needs answering.

Was this pic shopped?
There is no way the guy in this pic actually has a giraffe neck, right?
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are you a buffoon

yes it's shopped
yea the neck is shooped but dylann roof on the far right wasnt
you ever think about this picture and remember this board is composed entirely of ass juice

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File: 2353465369.jpg (159KB, 1456x1090px)Image search: [Google]
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what the fuck is that hoodie vest thing

File: 1455453115505.jpg (60KB, 604x604px)Image search: [Google]
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W2c long sleeve black metal shirts?? With stuff on sleeves
Doesn't have to be black metal I like folk metal too
I want Burzum and Bathory stuff
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you sound like a poser
If you don't know that then you definitely are poser scum

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