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Anyone know the type of glasses that Barb from Stranger Things wears?
Also, what is your opinion on fake glasses. I want to start wearing overly large ones, as I have a very oval shaped face, and I think a pair of overlarge glasses would kind of bring back the focus to my eyes.
Also, glasses thread.
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>Wearing non-prescription
Don't fucking do this.
Not to be rude, but, these days you usually find those types of glasses in the elderly section of your opticians, anything with that clear/cream styled tint on the glasses and excessively large frame are usually targeted at OAP's, as it makes it easier for them to see all around their glasses.

Nothing wrong with that, but just try your local optician and see what they have.


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I have very mild acne on my face, in the forehead mostly. I already try with some shitty pills that my dermatologist gave me...
I cant drink alcohol, go to the gym while taking roaccutane, and also have a lot of side effects like wtf.
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Don't take it man, I have seen guys who prematurely bald due to this stuff. It messes with your hormones.


Also don't take the Propecia it fucks your shit up also.
Lmao you're going through chemotherapy for acne. Goodluck
do it.

It took care of my acne and i didnt even go bald

its all genetics, look at your mothers side for balding indicators

if you dont take accutake, enjoy living your best years as a diseased human that cant even feel comfortable talking to anyone

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Can a man become both effay and /fa/? How can one achieve this?
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Does his belt buckle represent a red pill?
It is obviously a statement on his hyper-masculinity.
The belt keeps his anaconda from coming out.

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>tfw this pic is 4 years old
They should get back together and take another every year until they die.

Go for it
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Please help /fa/, I need to go to the barber today but I am a robot and don't know what to ask for.

What is the most normy unassuming haircut of the now? The cut that will reduce the chances of people messing with me the most as I try to find a job and other activities. I have been asking for short back and sides all my life, but I don't think that is in fashion anymore.

I am similar in appearance to reviewbrah
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Short back and sides, long on top or just grow long.
Just get an undercut. Make sure its a fade. The contrarians here will advise against it, but it's the most normie haircut atm and it's simple.
ok thx, I'm going right now actually

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So i bought this cotton tee that came only in black and other colors, but not in brown, which i wanted it in brown to go along with its theme.
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So i got the black one ($5 shipped from ali). Then i proceeded to dump it in bleach. Well it comes out of bleach perfectly brown, soft, velvety look and texture!
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rate like subscribe

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Can we get a /hobocore/ thread going? I haven't seen one in a while
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W2C that guys jacket? Also why is the kid throwing up gang signs

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What do you guise think about these dudes and their style?
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How do i acquire this?
have money
have decent proportions
have a good tailor
have decent taste
have adequate knowledge of silhouette and what looks flattering on your body type
/monochrome/ all day err day
then ur set
Is he wearing an overcoat over a t-shirt?

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>tfw bullied mom into buying me yeezys

They should come next week, I picked the Oxford tans one! Advices on what I should wear with them?
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full rick
Kill yourself, yeezys are trash
do you know what board you're in

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Now that dust has settled, what's /fa/ opinion on these?
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theyre ok
really cheap shoes

ok as beaters I guess

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If you were to kill yourself today, what fit would you wear?
It's our responsibility to leave behind an effay corpse.
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Birthday suit
full fucking Rick
This is the only suitable answer

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meet andrew.jpg
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>average /fa/ posters in the year 2016

what happened when and why did so many andrews decide to make /fa/ their new home
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This is obvious satire tho
>thinks this is satire

oh boy

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How to achieve this style? Like a modern reform on pantaloons. It sort of looks like putting knee high socks over tracksuit bottoms, anyone know the name or details?

Also is it just me or do they looks pretty sick.
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I need this in my life
I actually need other options other than black skinny jeans, if anyone could answer this shit thirsty af roight now
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>other options other than black skinny jeans

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Do I bend the bill or nah?
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this really doesn't need it's own thread,
and as for that hat, i think you're on the wrong board
taco that bitch
Instead of commenting, just hide the thread.

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