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What do? It seems like I'm always flaky as fuck under my beard, and if I scratch it, I could decorate a cabin sketch as if it was in the winter.

I shower daily, use different shampoos in my beard, nothing seems to work for it.
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Moisturize daily with something like pic related (this is what I use but there are moisturizers that cost way less)
I have the same problem
I'm trying to keep the beard, and remove the flakes. Rubbing that in through the beard won't be a hassle?
How else do you think moisturizing works, dipshit? You have to rub it in. Do it before you put a shirt on if you care so much about your dreaded flakes.

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So /fa/, care to explain why you're all so obsessed with this horrible, cheap, highschool-tier meme shoe?
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it looks nice
best shoe of all time
because its the best sneaker

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Is there any way to shrink the leg opening of jeans?

>be me and skinny as fuck (5'9" 135 lbs), wear slim jeans because slim jeans look the best especially for me
>have sort of wider hips and bigger thighs so I have to wear a size up in the waist (32 when i should be a 31)
>32 fits me well in the waist and the thighs but below my knee and the leg opening, they are a bit too baggy, the leg opening for a 31 or 30 would be better for me
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Yeah it's called bringing them to a tailor.
my nigga you just got roasted
Tailor dumb dumb, tell them you want them tapered.

Where do you guys buy your basic tees and jeans? I hate spending money on basics, but I've come to the point where I only have special items and nothing to just bum around or go to the shop in. I'd prefer not to spend too much, but quality is the priority. Thanks guys.
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That dude is so ugly
He really fucking is
He looks like Sean Penn mixed with Horn's brother in Twin Peaks mixed with downs syndrome

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ITT: shoes that fuccbois will never get
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What does that even mean? Shoes that fuccbois will never understand? If so, NMDs would be a terrible example because they're bought only BY fuccbois. Or shoes that fuccbois will never attain?
why did you post typical fuccboi shoes then
nmds are fuccboi shoes incarnate

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how do i fix swamp ass and assne?
i literally showered, soaped my anus and exfoliated an hour ago and have been lying on my belly in a clean bed in climate control and my ass fucking reeks again
can i get a product or something?
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use your moms hairdryer in-between raids.
It wasn't that bad for me but I started using Dove regular unfragranced soap and stopped excessively drying my skin and most of my body acne went away
What kind of exfoliator are you using? You can get antiperspirant creams that might solve the odour issue, although it can take a couple of weeks. The same goes for exfoliators, keep up a routine and you should see improvement in time. It's important to moisturise after exfoliating (wait half an hour or so for the exfoliator to absorb though).

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Jacob Hetzer is the new Raf Simons.

He does everything better than Raf does and is way more innovative. Also he isn't a selloff like Raf (Calvin Clein)
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Agreed. All Raf literally did for the last season was slap pictures of big black cocks on the clothes and next thing you know fuccbois are frothing.
both hacks
but raf did some cool shit back in the day this kid is bout hack'er den a bish desu baka
>implying everything this guy has ever made isn't a rip off

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File: 567678r6878i68t686868jpg.jpg (5KB, 198x254px)Image search: [Google]
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go to fuccboi general

File: IMG_20160823_140000.jpg (2MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I make my pinrolls not look like this??
Ignore the shitty socks and shoes I was in a rush
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step 1: do them better
step 2: they don't look like that anymore
step 3: don't make shitty threads for something that belongs in fucc&succ general
People still do this?
How else are you supposed to show off your sneakers besides wearing skinny ass jeans or cropped pants?

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did you read the faq?
become hedi slimane and dont worry about it

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Anybody got a goose down coat? Which is your favourite?
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I have a Moncler Auburn. I like it.
Is it as warm as you expected?

Pic related is the one I'm going to order.
Yeah, I've never felt cold in it. It doesn't have a hood like the one you want does, but that doesn't really bother me.

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hi /fa/gs, just moved to cambridge for school, and as an extension, Boston, so i need effay places to shop downtown. literally been here only once so i have literally no idea
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bump bc also moving to beantown
me too thanks
ricciardi, concepts, bodega

or just buy a flight to ny bc this place is a shithole

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honest opinion guys, am I kind of /fa/?
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you're just wearing basic streetwear. nothing special really, so not really.
You look like you're trying to emulate that mr robot show with your hood and body language but just come across as a beta who would cry if he so much as made eye contact with someone. Also roll your pants down, showing your ankles like that makes you look like a faggot

delete this now op

File: 25TmsvO.webp(1).jpg (2MB, 2094x2960px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw Frank Ocean lurks here

Picture from his magazine "Boys Don't Cry"
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That's cute
Magazine looks like dogshit. And is that beibs ass? Did frankie srsly jerk his peanus weanus to that
well, i did like his fits in endless

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How do I dirty up my new vans fast so I don't walk around looking like a fuckboi with clean white shoes?
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Walk in dirt. If you don't mind a few scratches, try skating in them.
Have you tried walking around in them?

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