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Can bicycles be /fa/? Give me a example of one effay bicycle.
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Mercier Kilo TT
metallic blue kilo reporting in
it's probably the most fa frame for the price

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Old one nearing 300

Are ultra boosts worth it? If not, what are some alternatives?
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Depends on you mean by worth. Are boost worth it? Yes. Very comfy. I would look into other models with boost though. 2.0 are nasty
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love em or hate em
dad core but decent

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What are some /fa/ guns?
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File: 7_92MauserVergueiro01.jpg (11KB, 600x112px)Image search: [Google]
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this with a bayonet
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UNIQLO just released those sneakers we saw when they announced Uniqlo U.
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>only go up to size 10
File: 1479085998420.jpg (68KB, 657x360px)Image search: [Google]
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>only go up to size 10
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>buy bomber yesterday
>10 dollars for shipping
>today all shipping is free


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Let's see some. Not just /fa/ clothing but in theme, setting etc too.
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Return of the Living Dead
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Surf Nazis Must Die
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A few of these have already fulfilled themselves but here goes

>adidas will fall off. The sneakerhead side of things will still be fire, but everything else will be hidden in a closet until the 16 year olds move on.

>Heelys motherfucker. summer 2017 memewear will be in full force. You're gonna lose your bitch to a dude in sketchers.

>"alt-right fashion" will explode. In reality whats going on is that normalcore will hit the mainstream and it's going to be politicized so that huffpost has shit to write about.

>Tucked in vintage polo style shirts. It will look good with your fanny pack.
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>the 80s and 90s will be a big source of inspiration for 2017. Sweatbands might be a thing again.


>anything floral patterned that isn't hawaiian. It's the camo of happiness. Hawaiian shirts will be the new frat douche pickup though, so tread with caution.

>paisley will be a winner, mine out your local goodwill now.

>calculator watches. temple beads. weirdo wrist accessories.

>words on a shirt will still be a thing, but the typefaces are going to change. 80s and 90s fashion will be used to inspire this.

>bell bottoms? it just might happen. That trend is cocked and loaded. it's just waiting for a bad bitch celebrity to tell the masses that it's popular again. might be the response to high waisted-slim fit normalcore.

>beards hit their peak and can climb no higher. They will remain a strong alternative for anyone with a shitty chin. grow your moustaches now if you can.

> the 70s will be used as an inspiration point for the black community (bell bottoms may play into this). Afrocentric styles will merge with hypebeast culture. (supreme bogo with an african looking color pattern in the box type shit.) It will be seen as a sort of response to the alt-right fashion,comparisons will be made to a polarized america here. This trend can only get so big because asians can't rock it.

>Asians control streetwear trends, the only thing that can destabilize this will be vintage americana (with vintage europeana possibly being a trend here as well) and memewear. its a battle of heart vs hype.

screencap this if you think im full of shit, I'm interested in hearing other prophecies as well.
I fully-agree with the alt-right fashion, that's definitely going to happen
>supreme bogo with an african looking color pattern in the box type shit.
i can totally see this happening

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Can someone please explain why people like this brand to me? Even before I started being interested in fashion, the brand just screamed "loser" (I guess "fuckboy" is a better term?) to me, maybe "tryhard". I really still don't get it. Even then, actually good brands like CDG and Undercover do collaborations with them. Why? Is it just the money? Or is it something else?
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It's like art and culture PUNK MOSH hip-hop skateboarding NYC baby yeah like you had to be there in the underground pre-internet days man
Tyler The creator made it popular
because tyler the meme and streetwear blew up and "skate" fashion became popular again.
never owned anything supreme (because i'm not 12) but have heard quality isn't bad.

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Am I /fa/, lads?
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/fa/t yes
yes, actually
let's see your fits

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What are your thoughts on the Primeknit Stans vs the originals
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situational. id rather wear my primeknits on a hot summer day with shorts and a t shirt or something, but in the spring when it might rain i would obviously prefer my og stans
Thanks, new to the Stan game here. Also one more question, is green the best color to get? I think red looks cool and black seems more situational but Green seems to fit the best.

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Do you like my new boots /fa/?
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yea i like them they're dope! can we see an outfit tho? that heel is a lot
is that cum?
but seriously, ID these please.
look like they just DIYed some Docs or Solovairs

File: IMG_20161211_180413.jpg (289KB, 960x698px)Image search: [Google]
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What north face jacket is THIS?
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File: shoes5.jpg (191KB, 1334x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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do these shoes look okay?
File: 20161029_054655.jpg (1MB, 1000x1778px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1000x1778px
am I wearing these right?
File: ariddas.jpg (34KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c to cop adidas like these

I fell for the safety razor meme, For £8 I can get four heads that last me a month each and provide a closer shave without the need for cream/gel.
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I use disposable multi-blade razors 10 times before I discard them, £4 a month.
>For £8 I can get four heads that last me a month each

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What are the /fa/ alternatives to wearing a white shirt, some jeans and 'smart' shoes on a smart-casual night out
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Change pants. Everybody is wearing jeans, stand out.
Seasonal casual pants like cords, moleskins, chinos or linen pants in summer, could work
I need a shirt alternative, or something I can wear a plain white shirt with as well. Thanks for the advice though
korean collar shirt

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téléchargement (2).jpg
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A Thread designed to bitch about the things we hate about or body's and faces.


>My Bullbous nose, actually thinking about having a surgery.
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I always look tired. I never noticed this in my life until my 12th grader teacher told me " Are you always sleepy." I can't unsee it now. Help guys.
Rickie is that you??
File: CY4a0i0WcAAvLGL.jpg_large.jpg (72KB, 600x891px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm a NEET and I really hate people outside of my two friends. I know I missed my chance to be a social butterfly in highschool and I'm wasting my life doing hard drugs and drinking my twenties away

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i've been following /fa/ for a while now and bought quite a few of the hyped items. I'm alot more confident in the way i dress now thanks to the board, but I know I'm not 100% there yet. Any tips on how to improve my look? Money is not an issue. thanks
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Lay off the makeup, your face is awfully blue
loose weight and buy some nice clothes
>he fell for the /fa/ meme
All of those except for the top right looks like a heap of garbage.

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