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If your first response is to associate these with any kind of hip hop subculture, ethnic group, or age group and you were going to say you don't like them, stop for a second and consider the real premium versions are actually quality boots.

If you lace them up and wear them like they're designed to be worn they look cool.
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Yeah deadass facts B
When it comes to hip hop I ONLY and I mean ONLY ever associate timbs with Funk Doctor Spock

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falconer 27.jpg
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Hello /fa/, im curious what you guys think about using camo stuff out in public. for example i want to use bag in pick for uni but idk if its too much. what do you guys think?
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its ok as long as u use just 1 piece.
btw does knoch has a website where one can ask where he got his stuff from?
i just dont want to come off as military
>i just dont want to come off as military
Don't worry, you'll come off as some idiot bandwagoner

Hey /fa/ i don't belong here but i need a fashion advice.

Is there any way to dress sexy for girls as a men? Any way to look masculine, attractive and sexy with clothes?

I lift and i'm 6'4'' but i only use clothes that look fit on me anything on brands or "good".

Also girls look the shoes that you are wearing, any advice? What shoes girls love on a man (Adidas can be good for this?)
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Shut up fag
I mean...HELP
Slim black jeans and well fitting T-shirts or Button downs.

Help me to find nice pair of Derby's.
Something in the style of the pic related. I'd love to get that one but they are pretty much impossible to find, so brands and suggestions are more than welcome. Optimally mid-priced ones.
Thanx /fa/cists.
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Derby's what?
etudes are underrated as fuck

What was your sneaker of the year?

pic related
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one of yohjis weakest contributions imo
just your average joe sneaker silhouette with a quirky tongue
replace the tongue and remove his name and it might as well be another adidas originals
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I swear to god if I see another faggot walking down the street with his laces like that I'm going to drop a fucking dime.

Can we get a socks thread going, haven't seen one in ages.
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What are the best cheap as shit socks to get? I need to up my sock game on a ~$0 budget.
Is Uniqlo the best bet for me?
Bump because socks are overlooked.
rei socks are /fa/ and practical

not super cheap but super worth it

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ITT: We post bald selfies, bald inspo, how to rock bald, etc. GO!
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do you get nosebleeds when you use your psychic powers?
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craig cobb.jpg
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bald + long hair = master race

Its getting a little chilly where i am(highs around 40, lows around 20), and I'll be going to NYC for Christmas.
Looking for warm inspo, not snowy deep winter stuff, so puffy jackets and giant parkas are a no go
Overcoats, wool, leather, and the like
Pic related is my favorite jacket, its vans and ive only seen it one other time, internet or irl. If anyone has better sauce than what ive found pls share
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unevenly cuffed/10
NYC is fucking freezing today. You're gonna need something warm.

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If you're an adult male and shorter than 5'9", don't even bother trying to look for adult clothes that fit you properly. Stick to H&M and Old Navy.

If you're some data entry desk jockey, no need to feel bad about wearing shirts that are too long and too tight, but have huge collars. Short men never move up in the corporate world anyway, so dressing like shit is of no consequence to you.
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fuck you i wear what i want
I'm 5'10
Congratulations. You were lucky enough not to be born a second class citizen.
Tfw you're just above the cutoff
Also I looked but I couldn't find it so imagine the pic of that guy sweating

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is Snufkin /fa/?
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hell yeah
can someone post the "steal his style: snufkin"? I really liked it
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knoch fit.jpg
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knochs fits are always fucking godlike

ITT: Post shit you made and critique others
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made this, came out weirdly pinkish but it's supposed to be greyscale

graphic is too low
Very nice, how?

So what do you smoke /fa/?
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I live in the US, but I buy Seven Stars online. I can't stand US cigarettes ever since the FSC thing started.
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dominican detected

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I fell for the meme and ordered a German flecktarn parka. I know there was a big thread on this a while back, but i have some questions about dyeing.

What kind, and how much dye should i use to get it to look like pic related?
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>What kind, and how much dye should i use to get it to look like pic related?
look in the archive fag.
2 dylon packs of machine wash. although i would maybe go with 1 and a half packs because mine turned out a little darker than OP by using 2 packs
Ctrl+f doesnt work on mobile and im too lazy to scroll.
Thanks m8

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Post your instagram accounts
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And ill start


File: myinsta.png (2MB, 1054x1216px)Image search: [Google]
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Who wants to be my lucky 300th follower?

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ITT: Effay musicians/bands

They don't actually have to be good, they just need to have a cool image
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desu gurippu
Tyler, the Creator
YAYAYI/H20$$$SPORTS$$$ is fucking amazing

pic related is their album cover

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