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This thread is for the much overlooked but versatile poncho. When I first saw these on /fa/ I fell in love with the silhouette it created, but I never see them here.
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used austrian milsurp

So do we like these or not?
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Getting real tired of the Roshe silhouette.
To think about it roshe was pretty phenomenal and was actually influential in the sneaker design game.

But every other sneakerhead out there thinks nmd was the god sent sneaker
>every other sneakerhead out there
>every other hypebeast/fuccboi out there

nah sneakerheads give that one to roshe and still buy j's. fuck adidas t b h only kanye dicksuckers like that fuccboi garbage

ye ye ye there are a lot of boot threads, but nothing addresses what i'm looking for.

I want low-profile form fitting boots like Nike SFBs
Problem is, the black SFBs are made of that gross pleather upper which i don't think is /fa/.

SFB zip tz have a suede upper and look amazing but impossible to find.

Do you know anything similar?

Do you own boots that are comfortable and don't look like you're lugging around a couple of anvils on your feet?

Not big on leather boots that shine bright like diamond and take forever to break in, but open to any and all suggestions.
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can't help you

I want something like these tho
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try chippewa or golden fox

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desktop thread? im bored guys
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anime desktops are usually not good.

in your case OP. it's not good.
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Phone desktop
do you know the artist of this image? i see it and others similar to it posted here often. it's really beginning to grow on me

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WTF no meme is safe?
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wtf i hate flecktarn now
I've seen real ones for 15 bucks. Are people retarded enough to buy this shit?

How do I be /fa/ at the gym?
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you literally answered you own question with the pic you posted you stupid son of a fucking whore shaking my head

Don't dress like that pic related
File: Sport-Fitness-Gym-clothes-AW15.jpg (154KB, 710x250px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I color coordinate my fits without looking like a tryhard?
I can't even get basic stuff like earth tones right
Yes, I've read the sticky
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thanks senpai
could you point me to some examples?
I will use the hue/saturation/value color representation to give you some starters:

Dead easy mode: monochrome. Still, hue is important: mix different hues consiously to either create gradients (white shirt, grey cardigan, black jacket) or breaks (white sneaker and black jeans).
Simple mode: monochrome + one colored piece. It can be saturated to draw attention to it, but usually low saturation is safer. It will break up an otherwise monochromatic fit. Earth colors, dark red and dark blue are safe colors. Sneakers can be bold if you are into that.
Nonboring mode: multiple pieces of similar color. Pick one color value and combine pieces with different hues or satuartions (light t-shirt with dark sweater and dark socks). If you play with hues try to keep saturation fixed and vice versa.
Interesting mode: two different color values. Choose two colores that contrast each other, easiest is to pick complemntary colors. Brown (which is desaturated orange) and blue are classics. Outside of streetwear its safer to use low saturation and work with different hues. Think about how to distribute the colors along the vertical axis of your body (socks+t-shirt or shoes+sweater). Also balance how much area is visible for each color (all-blue fit with yellow socks is imballanced). DONT go for 'interesting' contrasts unless you REALLY know what you are doing.
Hard mode: fruit sallad. Can work but is usually just plain awful. Don't.

So KVA zippers are notoriously hard to zip up/down, and I'm having that problem as well. Any idea how to fix this? I thought about putting some oil on it or something but I wouldn't want to damage any other part of the shoe on accident or coat it in such a way it won't be great to touch.
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Cum on the zipper
Cum inside the shoe
I was thinking more like shoe polish but thanks

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Was Dylann Roof the most effay man to ever live?
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I love his style and his bowlcut, too bad he's a shitty person (but it fits him well)
I'm afraid not... Dylan Klebold on the other hand--

Have you find something useful for you on this board lately?

Or ever?
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plenty of stuff desu.
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I learned how not to dress

>/fa/ likes it
>don't wear it
>/fa/ hates it
>don't wear it
>/fa/ ignores it or thinks its "bland"
>wear it

what its all weird shitposts

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need some gopnik inspo
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got u nikka https://youtu.be/9sEx6eTmqHw
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d by d.jpg
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What do you guys think of the brand, as well as some of the other diffusion line shit (D by D, I think?).

Basically I wanted a pair of more casual sneakers instead of wearing (out) my one pair of Ramones everyday, so I thought I'd just get a decent pair of Converses or something, and then I came across this. Like Cinzia Araia, it's clearly a Ramones rip, except even cheaper. You guys think it'll be decent enough for normal wear? Anyone know if they run TTS?

As I don't mind brands like CA, if stuff like this is held in the same level of (lack of) esteem, I don't really mind, but I figured I'd ask you guys about it anyway.

(Also, to be honest there's a level of resistance to brands like D. Gnak or Juun J. since they're Koreans and I'm Japanese and they probably hate us or something, but I dunno, that's pretty petty, isn't it?)
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Your not going to get much support here for d gnak
Yeah, I can see that, but they're still better than Converses…right?
nah dude, just get some chuck2s or chuck70s

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Will you be fishing for this /fa/?
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These look very fake lol
Doesn't matter, just found a pic looking like them asap. I am just curious if this board is full hipster or will you try to cop the ultimate normie shoes.
Probably, but only to sell them
Bought and resold some copper v2s, very easy cash

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What palettes have you been digging lately?
It's summer in Australia rn so I'm thinking of incorporating some pastels to my fits but idk how to.
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pic related seems like it would work anytime, anywhere
This is me, I love that it works in summer but even better in FW
Watch the films of Wes Anderson for inspiration

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ITT: Effay musicians/bands

They don't have to be actually good. They just need to look effay.

Previous thread: >>12006514
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Varg was a 10/10 that night
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