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how do i get cheekbones like him
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More like how DON'T you get cheekbones like him. You suck if you look at all different from him
Be asian
Eat one small bowl of moldy rice a day.

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Plimcana Clean Mid.jpg
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what's the closest thing to these that I can buy new today?

they've finally fallen apart after 5 years. best shoes I've ever bought.
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I can't believe someone else on this board owns a pair of these besides me
this had better be bait
Sorry to hear about your shit taste anon, hope you get well soon!

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Post comfy shit wearable at home and when out

pic semi related
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>wears death metal band shirt
>listens only to the kpop
>1000€ for hoodie two sizes bigger with edgy metal print from 10€ tees edgy neckbeards at your school wore

File: IMG_2589.jpg (230KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Was looking on here. Like the look of the stuff, seems like it's decent quality. I want to redo my wardrobe and be a step up from where I am, actually having stuff to layer, that sort of thing. Something a bit more mature than my current do up.

Problem is these guys basically only have grays/neutrals. Where can I get some simple stuff with a bit of color? Alternatively, how can I spice up the colors in these?
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Check out As colour, sadly, they don't have as much variety in color either, but its more than Everlane, and the quality is good as well. I'd also like to know where I could find more colors for the similar price/ quality.
Stop shilling your shitty fucking brand
LOL are you retarded, this brand is pretty big and has dozen of employees

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What is the consensus about appropriation type wear?
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i'm a leftist, i believe in globalism, i don't believe in most forms of "appropriation" liberals talk about. One of the products of globalization is cultures and styles blending
That's a fair evaluation.
Appropriation should be taken as flattery.
There's no need to take offense straight away, let alone taking offense on behalf of the culture being appropriated.

Unless the person is appropriating to intentionally mock a culture.
It's all about context.

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Create the ultimate effay person.

Post a pic of what they would wear or describe the style.

Write about what they would do, what their ambitions are etc.

Here's mine:
>21 years old
>dark brown hair, green or hazel eyes
>thin facial aesthetic with nice eyebrows and defined but thin jaw
>~6'0 not too tall
>skinny with just a little muscle so as not to be thinspo
>is intelligent and perceptive
>introvert who enjoys being social but prefers to spend most time alone
>goes to some parties but mostly just hangs around talking to people
>in a nice uni studying something like philosophy that will not make money but he's genuinely interested in it
>alternatively studies something really wage kek like CS, finance or law and puts in the minimal effort to get good grades and uses free time to pursue actual interests
>wants to have a stable job with minimal stress to have an income stream for effay activities in free time if he can't make it as an artist somehow, time will tell
>writes and makes nice music alone for no profit
>has a group of friends that he gets together with and shoots artsy films with which they almost never show to anyone
>writes simple poetry and song lyrics
>no gf but looking for the perfect one
Wears fits like pic related but with nicer shoes. Dark and simple with some classic and modern items mixed.

Criticize mine and post yours.
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this is me but i dont make films and music

i even have a super simlar build/hair to jayhilly but slightly dif style

honestly to be ultimate /fa/ i think id have to be a little more reckless/have a coke problem/always be drunk which im definitely working on
what is the point of this masturbatory garbage

this is r9k tier
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Anon. Stop.

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Hey /fa/, don't know if I should be posting this here or on /cgl/ or /diy/ or whatever but...

The button on this shoe constantly snaps off on its own (the other shoe is fine) as in pic related. Any ideas on how to fix this without changing the appearance of the shoe?
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Throw away this trash.
Replace the button with a better one? that's all i can think of
The button that snaps on is probably broken in some way.

Take it to a shoemaker/cobbler, they will be able to fix it for youy easily without changing the apperance

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This board is getting out of control we have 20 threads all about different shoes, its becoming absurd. This board doesn't seem like a fashion board anymore, its turning into the street wear subreddit. How do we fix this /fa/
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I'd tell you where the fashion discussion moved, but we don't want any hypebeasts leaking in.
Streetwear teenagers killed this board desu
where Im tried of this board and all of the subreddits are trash.

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what are some /fa/ earmuffs?

pic related, an anime wearing earmuffs
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your gfs thighs
are the keions effay?
yes they are
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File: IMG_2601.jpg (33KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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>they think americana is a dead trend from 2012

*whispers into mic* wrong
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File: neckbeard-fedora.png (377KB, 594x422px)Image search: [Google]
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>yes hello streetwear is for niggers and kids. mature people like me prefer traditional real clothing for adults
u probably love those subhumans
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here you go

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what's /fa/ opinion on this shoe? should i cop?
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looks good m8
Looks like something I would've bought at the outlet mall in 5th grade. Sketchers tier.

ignore this guy. Blaze of Glorys are some of Pumas best models

File: 030947501_pet-1.jpg (89KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Been wearing pic related (diff color tho) for the past 10 years and need to buy a new one, any suggestion for a good quality, waterproof, windproof, goose-down (either that or something that keeps you really warm, talking sub-zero celsius temps) Parka under 350 Euro?

I don't care about brands, I just want something really warm and durable that doesn't look stupid.
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pls I'm cold
TNF McMurdo II

it's 450 Euro

my step sister (whos like 10) collects converse. shes just started her collection and i want to send her some clothes to give her the /fa/shion bug. need some tips.
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fuck her
this board never disappoints
im gay

What kind of t-shirts are /fa/ approved?

I know brand logos are a no-no (pic related), various edgy statements are forbidden, large flashy logos and designs are bad, but what's approved?

Just plain color t's?
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File: fa-tshirts.jpg (363KB, 1356x1823px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's the official guide
the cringe
Isn't the ironic T-shirt a bit overdone at this point?

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How can I dress and style myself to show people that I am a member of the alt right and not someone who should be fucked with? This is how I look currently with my camo hoodie.
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Dress like a nu-male
oreimo shirt
That´s your problem, you look EXACTLY like someone who should be fucked with.
Can´t really change that.
Not to mention that looking alt-right won´t help you, either, because it´ll just make you look even more like someone who should be fucked with.

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