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>wearing socks
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>not wearing socks
>making your shoes smelly
>not basking in your own filth and being crustpunk af

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yah or nah?
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You found the new meme photo just in time for the new year

Planning on spray painting a upside down cross on my pleather jacket.

Bad idea? Using automotive white paint on black pleather. Will it flake off and make a mess? I'm okay with a cracked effect, also care less about ruining the jacket.

TL;DR anyone have experience spray painting pleather?
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well it certainly sounds like a horrible idea but i don't have any experience altering clothes
I have experience spraypainting leather and it's pretty easy - but an upside down cross? that's a horrible idea! Are you 15?
Mostly because its an easy design for my first stencil.

Angering Christians is just a plus.

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what is /fa's opinion on shiny wetlook stockings.

inb4, no these are not leather or latex, it's made of same material as leggings,

lycra (aka spandex), nylon, cotton, or polyester.
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looks like this
Looks pretty hot. Not sure if they're that appropriate outside of the bedroom, unless she wants to look like a total slag.
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the fabric is comfy and keeps your legs warm.

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Does anyone know what this is and how to use it?
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microwave the gel thing and put it into the mask
then put mask over face and sleep
b00m, its tat ez
Cool the blue jelly thing in your fridge and place over eyes while you lay back and relax. Reduces the puffiness of your eyes and feels fucking amazing. Do not go full retard and microwave it.
this guy is wrong.
freezing it will cause the pack to explode your freezer.
then you'll have to clean it up :(

Whats the best Jordan 1 colorway?
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I too enjoy the musical stylings of Travis Scott and browse KTT obsessively
they all suck, I've never seen a fit with jordans that wouldn't be improved by different shoes
pic related obviously

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Now that the dust has settled, WHY IN THE FUCK would ANYONE have this kind of haircut? Seriously, what the fuck!!!
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His current profile picture on his dentistry website
no fucking way
He must be confident as fuck or has a huge cock

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Where can you get these ? Everywhere i've checked it's all sold out :(
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give me a sec ill find it
and also question why haven't you searched for reebok green?

sold out sorry bucko

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what is it /fa/ being obsessed with a mfa/nu male tier sneaker? For being a contrarian edgy forum, you guys seem to have more of reddits tastes than anything
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Nice buzzwords my man

no one cares about cps anymore

>The majority of /fa/ is not /fit/
>The majority of /fit/ is not /fa/

Are you even trying?
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I'm neither, so....
whats with all the thinspo fags pretending being nothing but skin and bones is the most ideal body type? outside the genuine fashion industry being a degree of toned is the most ideal
/thinspo/ is /fa/s cancer
/fraud/ is /fit/s cancer

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Rate my crew. I'm in the middle.
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Fresh cut too
this is confusing cuz he somewhat pull this shit off
So effay, do you belong to the filopino's master race?
I wish I was as short as you, being 5'3'' is just the perfect height, just like a saint laurent model

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LITERALLY nothing wrong with these
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They aren't made in America
I don't like the neon, but it's not visible usually, and it's mostly a preference. It's an ok shoe. Personally, I think the originals are better
If they had white laces, the colored stripes on the rubber, and silver rivets like classic converse, I would cop

But it just looks off

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I'm bringing gabba to the world if fashion.

I will be wearing gabba-core and walk down the streets of new york and tokyo and have photographers paste me in fashion blogs and magazines.

This was I will spread the word and gabba will be back.

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it's already happening though.
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Thank you Patryk!
how do I become gabba?

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Can high tier Hispanics be /fa/?

We know the low two cant buy what about the top two?
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Well asshole, let me tell you that all the people with good genes can do it, dumbass, you will find latinos/hispanics that look better than some amerifats or white kiddos, so nice bait idiot
none of those are /fa/

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how the fuck do i grow out my eyebrows? i've heard shit like olive oil or egg yolk work but im not sure if thats an old wives tale or not. can any think work besides minoxidil?
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Your favorite drink
You gotta shave it first before it grows back. Dont use any of that olive oil or egg yolk bullshit, it doesnt work.
I accidentally shaved off parts of my eyebrows once and they grew back quickly but in a very light color, almost translucent. A few months later and the color has gotten a little darker.

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