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Men's fashion in the 1920s
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Men's fashion now
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remember when the goth ninjas invaded /fa/ in 2012 and shilled "dadcore" everywhere and forced all the good posters to leave?

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Can white people pull off this hat?

Also what is the name of style of hat?
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it's the non-whites and musicians' version of a fedora
probably not. worn too much by the beard-memers. works with asians because there's probably a level of reservedness there that is cool
We don't get anything do we

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Was he ahead of his time?
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Way, way ahead.
who's that?

What are some very comfortable socks? Pic related is all i wear
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Columbia socks
Sometimes I wear my Giro bike socks to work.
They're incredibly comfortable and have a little bit of compression.

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What should i do with my hair? It doesnt grow out long properly, just poofs out. Ive gotten length 1.5 fades for 8 years now, and wanna do something new. Hair is fairly thin too
Working on weightloss, and not shaving so inb4 that
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Hair is pretty thin is an issue too
Just shave it you pussy. Grow a proper beard and hit the gym. That's the only way out
Shave it.

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I know armani himself is a gay guy, but is his brand mostly aimed at gay people/mostly gays who buy his stuff?
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It's aimed at the metrosexual. City boys who don't know better, with that tinge of flamboyancy. Homosexuality is not uncommon, but not required.
arab-tier garbage along with lacoste polo and gucci (non runway)
haha dude did you know that GAP stands for Gay And Proud, so if you wear it then it makes you gay

dude lmao am I right

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What's a good brand for medium to long length scarves?
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ask stupid questions in fuccboi general


>Wearing shoelaces

Velcro or get the fuck out.

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is this /fa/?
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How do I fix this.
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you literally have no hope
>Cut the collar off your shirt
>Cut about 3" off the hem of your pants
>Paint a big letter N on the side of your shoe
>Shave face and buzz hair
Hey now you're effay
burn the entire fit good lord

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what are the best websites to buy clothes online?
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Grailed, JP Yahoo Auction, SuFu, ssense, Ebay

Is it /fa/ to have a Facebook?
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quite the opposite, you shouldnt have anything but a snapchat
>not having an insta
I only use it as a feed for sites and news. Pretty good to have it to be reminded of new releases too. If I wasn't using it for that I wouldn't have a use for it.

Back when google reader was out was the least I ever used facebook. But I can do without the friends and family shit. Family I want to talk to are in my phone, and my closest friends frequent facebook less than I do.

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pepe see you.jpg
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How important is to be /fa/ to pickup girls?
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Not impotant at all, really. Neither is your face assthetics.

What is important is your vibe and confidence.
>Neither is your face aesthetics
Bullshit on that one. Clothes don't matter, I've seen people pull girls in nikes and basketball shorts.

While impression and confidence is important, being facially attractive is also a must.
Would you consider this man attractive, had you not an idea of who he is?

He once was considered super sexy, probably still is by some.

It's nothing to do with facial esthetics. This man is an ugly mutt.

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I guess this is the only place I can write about this...

the other day I was in the train, and I was wearing my af1's, all white of course, looking like brand new shoes compared to how most people wear them (they look like shit, fucking normies going out daily)

Anyway, I was sitting on the train right, and this couple enters and sits next to me, they are wearing the same shoes. They seem low IQ, guy looks like a trap fag gipsy, they had a pitbull. I hear the guy saying "he is wearing the same as us..." like pissed off. I start thinking "oh god". He was like looking at my shoes until I left.

What the fuck was that? Are you in danger of getting punched by some thug if you are wearing the same shoes?
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nobody ever replies to me on /fa/
what are you actually asking?
Im asking if there is some sort of code where if you wear the same shoes as someone else you are treatening them or something?

Like I said before, he and his girlfriend were wearing my same shoes and he looked pissed at this fact.

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african gym.jpg
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/fit/ here.

how do I become /fa/ but also showing my physique for those tinder points?
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Don't accentuate your fitness, don't dress sporty
If you just want to look decent go vist r/mfa although we hate it here mfa gives some good starting tips. I feel like /fa/ is more about finding your own style and others will help you find it. When you learn to swim you dont start in the deep end you start in the shallow end. So head over to /mfa and get some tips. The sticky on /fa/ is mediocre so I would look for just general style guide lines than figure out your style.

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What are some brands like WTAPS, NBHD, and Norse Projects
I want some high quality detailed pieces
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/fa/ doesnt care about wtaps nbhd etc unfortunately
It's a shame they make very nice garments
which of these brands cater to manlets. i'm 5'10 and always look for japanese brands for pants

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