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What type of product should I use to add a little bit of weight to my hair so it doesn't look so dry and poofy, but without making it look greasy?

I find a touch of olive oil works pretty well, but I want to try a real product.
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Coconut oil once a week
>use product to rid your hair of all its natural oils
>use product to replicate natural oils

c'mon dawg
>use product to rid your hair of all its natural oils
what are you talking about

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I don't have any white shirts and any black ties, my options are this or a navy blue dress shirt.
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Go with a dress shirt, it's the least bad choice.
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I have this thing too, it's an Indian priest looking dress shirt
Go buy a white dress shirt and a black tie. It's a funeral, not an office party.

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trump long coat.jpg
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Who makes good long coats like these under the 1k mark? What's the real name for them anyway?
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trump long coat 2.jpg
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trump long coat 3.jpg
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Hey /fa/, I'm an autist but trying to get better. Are oversized sweaters unacceptable? I've had a baggy grey sweater for years that I love, and i recently tried it with some burgundy chinos and loved the combo but I'm not sure if that breaks any fashion rules/looks "tryhard"? Thanks!
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post fit
Noway. That's not tryhard at all. It'd be tryhard if the sweater was too tight. Loose fitting long sleeves are the way to go friend.
only looks good if youre skinny

if not you'll just look fat

Which one should I use?
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None you bald autist
Those are beanies and those are for children, not kidding.

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So if I shampoo everyday, my hair gets too dry.
Am I suppose to condition everyday? Because My hair is frizzy and uncontrollable with nopoo.
Just tell me what to do.
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Shampoo only twice a week, condition thrice a week
Is the conditioning counted during the days I shampoo? Do I even condition when shampoo.
Thanks for the quick response, I thought this place was dead.
I condition the same two days in the week when i shampoo and leave one day inbetween just for conditioning so that my hair doesn't get too out of control.

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pls help /fa/gs

I have not visited this board in years & have since pulled my life back together. I need your help now though..

What are some good sites or brands to find a sweatshirt/sweater for a young woman?
> 21
> wears mainly darker colors
> price range of $50-100.

(Also looking for some high cut socks, but thats extra)
Thanks in advance, assholes
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gonna post a few; tell me if it's shit
File: aaaaa.jpg (40KB, 688x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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first one is best, avoid basic brands

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Redpill me on gloves. What are some you think are great or would recommend.

I want to buy a pair for warmth that can withstand rain and also allow me to use the touchscreen on my phone. I think leather would be nice but I'm open to anything, especially if It's got cool features. You can also post that one made from shark skin that permanently attaches to the wearers hand if you want as a joke.

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How exactly did I use it unironiclly? It's a meme word people use jokingly. Why does it make you so mad?

Also, got any glove recomendations?
No when tripfag posts, thread goes to shit

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Seems like an unusually large number of /fa/ggots go to prestigious schools, especially ivies. I get the impression that the proportion is even higher than on /sci/. Of course it might be confirmation bias, but I think it would be independent of the board I'm on.

So why/how do so many of you attend such good schools?

If you go/went to an ivy or similarly ranked school, do you post here regularly? What do you study? How's your life going, and what was your childhood like? why do you browse /fa/?

How do I become like you?
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iirc pic related goes to dartmouth

My best guess is that many ivy /fa/gs had parents who were financially secure and had decent leisure time. Since they had spending money and time to spend it, the parents dressed well, and the kids picked up the habit.
This also meant that they had the time and resources to send their kids to good high schools and to push them into certain activities and classes, all of which makes for a good college application. At the undergrad level, ivies take plenty of specialized geniuses, but they also want undergrads who are more well-rounded and pretty good at a variety of things, and a teenaged /fa/ fits in well there.

You don't see institutions like Johns Hopkins or MIT mentioned here though, which also makes sense, as they care more about research and seek more undergrads who are exceptionally specialized. /sci/ fits better than /fa/ here.

But then why the fuck would you browse a Japanese cartoon forum to discuss fashion? We have a dozen threads about "is __ effay" and bully each other in the waywts which are usually very bad. Why does this appeal to the effay ivy leaguer?

Also, how do you dress?
>Going out of your way to dress preppy
>Must mean go to an ivy league

Lmaoing @ ur life rn
Although it is no ivy-league, I attend Caltech. I was introduced to 4chan many years ago by a degenerate friend. Since then, I've began exploring many different boards and eventually settled on fit, fa, and sci.

Most of my family is in shape and played sports in the past. They also dress well and most have at least a BA/BS. I feel that I just fell into that theme which has led me to frequent this board. I feel that maybe this is the case for quite a few of us.

can i get a fucking opinion on this shoe goddamniiiiit
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The logo should either be in contrast with or the same as the primary color.
What are they, they look cool

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is buying a smart car /fa/ ?
pic related, planning on getting this model since its my first car i will buy myself and its like 5k
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No. They're not even that efficient on gas like they used to be toted as.
The only reason you would get one is if you lived in a city like Chicago or New York and parking was a total bitch.
dont really care about the gas lol. just want a really small car
Old school vw bug is more effay tbqh

I've been looking to buy these shoes for ages and I can't find them anywhere my size (6-7). Anyone know where I can buy these for less than $140 AUD? don't mind if they're pre owned or anything
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try those shitty b/s/t facebook groups, me m8 copped some meme shoes for like 75 aud from someone
which group

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So I got pic related on my thighs and bacn and it's making me look disgusting naked, how to get rid of these? Are they acne?
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1407489429541924 (1).png
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Answer this or your mother will die in her sleep tonight
put some gasoline on your acne then light it on fire that should def get rid of it OP:)
*grabs you by the throat*

shut the fuck up?!?!

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w2c trousers that fit like this
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just buy them short you dimwit, what the fuck are you that dumb?
You are dumber you idiot. Go get them tailored OP, if you buy them smaller all your proportions will get fucked
Buy slacks at your size
Get them hemmed
Get them tapered

Are Breton caps /fa/? I want these to be the next trend for 2017.
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Are you going for that Village People aesthetic?
John Lennon, actually. But if you want me to strip pls suskribe to my twitch.
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meh that's your opinion.jpg
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