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I want these but I'm poor,

What do, /fa/?
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>apply for a jobs
>get a job
>earn enough money to afford them
>ez pz


succ some dicc

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Tumblr thread!


>art blog
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>night photography - concert posters
>nature - architecture - black and white
>art - music - typography - design
>illustrations - sci-fi - dystopia
>fashion - history - automotive
>reblogs and original content
>some nsfw
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this blog has abrupt and apparently unaccountable changes of mood

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/fa/ rappers?
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>inb4 "niggers? In my 4ailchan?"
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Travis is fucking ugly

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Get back on track after those holiday binges!

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
>>old one
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Cool new thread
just weighed myself, down to 145 from 160 back around october or so (^:
honestly just cutting shit out of my diet, staying hydrated, and walking more
feels pretty good, if i can get down to 140 that'd be cool but its honestly nbd
5'11 btw
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I'm biologically male, 6'1", 155 lbs, and trying to be /thinspo/. I don't have a weight goal in mind, just a general goal of being skinny af, but I'm curious what a good weight goal for me would be. What would be skinny, but not super skellington skinny?

Pic is my thinspo /and/ my...I guess...transpo (transpiration). Alice Glass.

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>Where do you go?
>How do you like it?
>Is it effay?
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>>Where do you go?
>>How do you like it?
I start next fall
>>Is it effay?
NYC is nice but the school isn't particularly /fa/, at least from what I've seen
>It's fucking cold but that lets me do my siqq layering
>The campus? Yes. The people? Not really
I've come to the realization that no uni, at least in the US, is at all effay. The campuses are often aesthetic but the study bodies universally dress mediocre at best.

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rate mine
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Laughed hard at the gucci flip flop

clean collection, everything seems like it belongs within the same general style so it means consistency, lost 3 points because of lack of creativity, i mean literally all these are pretty much meme shoes
af1s and cps r nice lad

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How does he do it?

How can we even begin to compete with this?
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jim morrison.jpg
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Any and all things watch related post here.

been looking at pic related, Its the last one in stock and I'm looking for some last minute feedback before I impulse buy,
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dont buy
fuck off faggot

your pretentious charts are useless if they don't make any effort to explain the reasoning behind the hierarchy
this pyramid should have omega move from should buy to vintage (pre-1998) only desu

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WHO 2013 HERE?
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>goof ninja

2009 called
goth ninja

is patchwork a meme?
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nope, it's the cancer
Is it coming back? I've been rocking the style for some time now :\

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bowl cut shooter.jpg
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is it possible for a bowl cut to be /fa/?
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so /fa/ they're about to be out in like a month dude where have you been for the past like year and a half?
shit posting on /pol/

What if I literally wear a poncho, or a cape, in public? I like them hooded ones especially. To me it's like the most comfy garment in the world. There's just a hole in the middle, you pull it over in seconds and you're ready to go. But I've never seen a guy actually wearing one irl on a typical high street.

Btw, I have a handsome face, I'm thin and tall, so it wouldn't look entirely pathetic
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I'd support you and join you, Anon!
just fucking do it
the fact that you're asking about it here though makes me think you're too insecure to own that shit
you need confidence to pull it off
and the rest of the fit needs to be on point
Ponchos are so fucking badass. I wish I could wear one without looking like an idiot/cosplayer.

Ukfag here. Have a great year guys, may you all be blessed with great fits and qt waifus.

Have a great 2017 anons and anonettes.
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another year as a fucking loser
im determined to make 2017 my year
best way to get out of a depressive slump?
exercise, diet and organisation is what im looking for right?
2017 cant be worse than 2016, my self esteem wen to a shocking low and so did my confidence, i gotta get the right balance of confidence, exercise and uni studying and all will be well in my universe right?? right??
ps im drunk writing this, i just got back from another party where i was too much of a beta loser to have some fun with some hot chicks
this dont get netter im killing myself
man it feels so good to see Kiko on this board again

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WAYWT, shoes edition: part 2 edition

just copped (edition)
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So how long until Air Monarchs are the hot thing?
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Ugly shoes edition
you really need black socks and pants to pull those off imo

Thoughts on these sneakers?
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are these lows? fuck no
maybe highs as an alternative to j1s but both shoes will send slpurists into a a tirade
lows look awful and the highs scream i think i know fashion but really i just have an instagram account
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>he doesnt appraise the superior Breds

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