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are shoe trees a meme?
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are crease-free shoes a meme?
Sure, if you wanna fuck up the shape of your $300 boots
The only meme is the autismo 100 dollar sets from Italy and Japan
I'm contemplating getting simple spring shoe trees for my nicer leather sneakers, is that stupid?

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What's the best colorway for the official /fa/ jacket?
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r8 my shoes
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You got one of these in your bag too?

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stop wearing flannels.
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No, I like being able to look like a gangbanger or a mountain man.
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b-but I want a finamore so badly
>stop being fat.


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are edgy metal shirts effay?
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If the rest of the outfit isn't edgy I'd say probably yes
Yes i see everywhere some metalica / AC DC ..
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i think metal/hardcore shirts are pretty good if the band is good and the person wearing it exudes other fashionable qualities, namely not being overweight or having disgustingly unkempt long hair.

this is biased tho because i was a huge metalhead for all of high school and still am and am probably unaware that wearing anything metal related makes me look like an antisocial school shooter type no matter what else i wear.

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2017-01-08 02.40.59.jpg
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Post more like this. Skinny/bald/androgynous/cancercore

I need inspo
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wade wilson core?
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Is the lanyard thing really that bad?
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try carabine
carabeaners are the way to go

W2C red bomber jacket like pic related? (Its a bomber, right?)
Or something similar?
Also, Oficial W2C thread.
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there are entire brands devoted to meticulously recreating James Dean and Steve McQueen outfits; lurk more, man
Thats a weird bomber style. I'm sure it's out there- but it would probably be a replica model.

You could get away with it, nobody would recognize it immediately.

Ryan goslings look in Drive was pretty iconic too.

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What do you think of chains and bracelets? Does it only work on black guys?
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It only works if your berserker-core
It works, but you shouldn't overdo it or have yourself looking like Flava Flav. Just a single small chain, even better if it's religious or personal in nature. Bracelets are a no go, only watches. No rings either. Only wear those in business attire or if you are married.
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Rings can work

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Somehow i fucking loved this boots. However here's the deal: They're for girls.

Would it work if i mix and match it with something? Maybe jeans over it?
I want to use them without looking too gay, if that's possible.

Also, what are the situations girl clothes work on males and vice versa?
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Yeezy boots new season - check it.
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No funny shit OP I'm serious wear them like normal. I can't even tell they're girl boots btw w2c?

Also for the other part: girls clothes imo only work for guys if you're skinny, as some of it is workable with that body shape. Read about Yung Thug's fashion style- he and Jaden Smith are the pioneers in wearing girls' clothing. Listen to them but don't follow without posting in /fa/

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Had to shave my super damaged hair recently what should I grow it out to
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keep it this way forever
pay attention in class young man
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Grow it out like pic related

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pull-guernesey (1).jpg
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when did you realise high quality, luxurious clothing with well-considered, understated designs is literally the only way to be effay?
you literally cannot be effay if you are poor
people should be able to walk past you on the street and tell just from the way they look that they are expensive, not by shouting at them "look at me, I am wearing x brand"
that is the true essence of effay, not your shitty streetwear box logo and vetements shite
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high quality is a meme
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>what is thrifting


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rip wallet.png
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From a few years of lurking I've seen a fair number of people looking to start their own clothing brand, I'm curious as to know if anyone has actually done it, and if so, how it turned out.
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I am also interested.
no replies... seems it was all a meme :/
I did once when I was in high school, I sold about 15 shirts to my friends. Pretty cool I guess, I made around 70 bucks

I need some winter shoes for work im thinking between these 3.
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File: item_60008_1.jpg (105KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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these look like the can take the winter better
File: vans-sk8-hi---all-black-1.jpg (96KB, 930x669px)Image search: [Google]
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or these
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What's the price of regular Stone Island sweater in your country?
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Jackets or bust.
was never interested in the brand but sat it once in a shop i was casully browsing thru on higs street. I laughed at the price of what seems to be rather basic stuff. where's the hype coming from?
this is michael kors handbags all over again - people with no money pretending they do
too much. although their quality is amazing and some items are actually nice, they focus to much on the branding and therefore attract the wrong type

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