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post /fa/ pants and w2c them.
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isnt this guy too short to wear boots?
you went full rick retard, never go full rick
>those pants

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how do you feel about coogi?
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People used to see Biggie, but now people will only know them for being rape sweaters.
lol wut
gotta be black to wear it

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/v/ here, what kind of video games are effay?
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Lsd Dream Emulator for PS1

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up /fa/

so here's the deal my pants collection is pretty legit, a bunch of different colored and nicely fitting chinos and a well made pair of raw denim.

I usually wear my beeswax desert boots because they pretty much go with everything.

can you guys recommend me some solid basic tops (shirts, sweaters, tees) and more basic shoes

preemptive fuck you because you faggots never respond to me
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check reddit XD
/r/MFA is very good for basics you're right, but it takes so fucking long

and we def have more in common that the streetwear shit that goes on here

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>TFW will never be this aesthetic
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If he wasn't wearing an SS uniform, you'd see this in a JUST-core thread and you know it.
Yeah but the facial aesthetics and hair are pretty good in my opinion.


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These are some Ferragamo boots but they are gorgeous but they are so fucking expensive the cost around 774 dollars. Can you guys tell me where can I find almost the same ones but much more cheaper?
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elf core
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what are some brands like canada goose that havent been ruined by white girls and asian exchange students?
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not sure what you are asking because clothes don't really get "ruined" by other people wearing them

canada goose makes a pretty specific product too and I doubt you're going to antarctica to work on the nazi pyramids or whatever OP so idk my advice is to kys my man
>not sure what you are asking because clothes don't really get "ruined" by other people wearing them
yes they do

mackage and moncler maybe
i mean like jackets and general winter wear
also you see a lot of "ruined pieces" in online forums in general
stuff like stans or checkerboard vans that everybody shits on because theyre basic or are associated with a certain group of people

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>lost 100 lbs.
>feels good man
>lots of loose skin in my middle that won't go away with toning
>feels bad man

Are there are any x-cores that I could do to help cover up my excess skin yet look decently fashionable? I've done r/mfa-type shit for starters and it looks fine unless I'm wearing a particularly slim cut dress shirt, then my gut pokes through.

Basically I have the profile of a fucking starving kid in Africa if the shirt actually fits well.
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pls to halp
surgery is the only way Feelsbadman.jpg
good job on losing weight though
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Thanks anon.

I know surgery will be the only way to truly relieve my problem, but I can't afford that shit and insurance won't cover it since it's "cosmetic" surgery. That's why I'm looking for styles that might help minimize the effect my loose skin gut has on my silhouette.

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>tfw I'm empty inside pursuing meaningless hobbies to distract myself from real life
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>"real life"

kill yourself. An objective real life doesn't exist outside of survival.
coat fits like shit
now everytime i see someone wearing a beige coat i think about that stupid mirror fit pic of lebron

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>This is one of Grailed's fits of the week
Glad to know that Grailed staff just see expensive and hit that APPROVAL nut button.
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I mean the glasses and beanie are kind of interesting but yeah I agree overall.
>"stop liking what i dont like!!"
>"stop disliking what i like!"

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How does one get their hair to stay the way they comb it? I usually comb it when I get out of the shower in the morning so that it kind molds but then it just gets messed up. Would a shampoo that makes my hair thicker help?
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blow dry and wax
I also wanna know
I'm a dapper Dan man myself

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cop or not
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You're a fucking idiot
How so?
I am going to wait and see if you have the capacity to figure it out

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is Adam our guy.
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kylo ren from star wars


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Why didn't SLVR sell better? I have a few SLVR pants and I really like them. Great materials, super minimalist, and overall nice slim fitting clean designs devoid of logos.The prices weren't too bad either.

I feel like with the progress Adidas has made in the last few years with Ultra Boosts and the colabs, SLVR would do much better today than it did 2009-2013. Anyone else feel similarly?

Post SLVR pieces you own or like.
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File: adidas-slvr-plim-lace-high-1.jpg (26KB, 620x413px)Image search: [Google]
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I always like these shoes.
Those look gud.
I guess no one likes SLVR.

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Gosha model t.
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Just to get it out of the way, how many girls has this gig gotten you
whats your diet
Why do you model complete trash

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