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When it's too hot for /h/ and /soc/, you can always count on /d/ to fulfill your Deep Dark Fantasies. This thread is for /d/ related audio.

If you'd like to do recordings and not sure what you can do, give us a sample of your work/voice on websites like http://www.vocaroo.com and if someone likes it, they may have a request for you.

If you have a request, we don't have too many voicefags yet, so your request might not be answered for a few days.
Please have a script, caption, or other text you would like to have read, most people may not be able to come up with them on their own so it's best you bring your own. Asking for improv is allowed, just know most performers might not have a desire to do it.

We are also trying to grow a community for this topic, as well as other /d/ related art (Writing and Drawing) that supplements the audio. Our discord is https://discord.gg/HbHtnb8 so check it out if you are interested. Let the admin or a mod know what sort of art you do, that way if someone is looking for a certain kind of artist, they can just @ the group.

If the audio is not selected for download on Chirb.it, please do not post steps to download it. If the performer does not have it marked for download, chances are they do not want it archived.
Try asking the performer privately if you can have the file.

1. Be patient. We all have lives outside of this thread. Requests take time to fill.
2. Do not harass anyone in the thread for any reason.
3. Keep critiques fair and constructive.
4. Happy fapping!!!

REMINDER: Loli/shota/furry porn is not allowed outside of /b/. If you want a script like this, please contact the performers directly off-site.
We don't want these threads shut down. :)


Old thread >>7370065
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Requesting that everyone have a wonderful day!
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Howdy, got this caption for ya, in case anyone's interested.
Can you record yourself Kulning?

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There has got to be more sauce out there with the works going inside her. Other artworks similar are welcome.
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Something similar to this
File: IMG_3256.jpg (112KB, 520x520px)Image search: [Google]
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Or this
OP you'd love what happens to Sakura Matou from Fate

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Previous thread: >>7397683

Repository: dcaptions.booru.org

Post your captions here! If you don't have a caption and want one on a pic, feel free to make a request!
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Last one died out. This time let's chat about why we are in chastity, who put us in there, and if long term, what is it -slowly but surely- turning us into. Chastity is many things to many different people. Is it a fetish to fap harder afterwards or are you not getting out in weeks, maybe months? Discuss records, who's holding the key, how abusive (or caring) they are, and how much you love it.

As usual emlalock sessions are welcome, as is rollposting. Don't forget to post images and dump your soul in here for us to read.

Mormon friends telling us we're going to hell are welcome if they can share a bit about what turns them on, for example, visiting /d/.

If you want help for your first cage, give enough details so that others can have a chance at helping you.

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anal chastity.jpg
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Are you saying that the magical undergarments that mormons wear are actually chastity devices? and all mormons sleep wearing chastity devices?
Looking for cheap source for Canadian Chastity that doesn't take months to ship from China

Help appreciated, will let you choose initial lock duration and emlalock conditions if you have good source
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Heh, no, I was just cracking a joke, and I don't know anythong about how it works for them. For me, being caged means I get fucked more in my other holes.

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Old thread was kill

This thread is for the heavy censorship fetish, post your own works, request from others, make each other feel good, and have fun!
Please be considerate and link images with uncensored nudity elsewhere than the thread.


Booru for censored images:
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1489913498417 2.gif
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Post girls with some big lips between their legs
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6 images to start a thread OP.

Then again, finding shit like this, and NEW content is relatively quite hard.
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Nigger, I just made the fucking thread and I have a shitty internet connection, slow your roll.

Forced feminization thread, the best genre of transgender porn
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This isn't forced feminization, it's gender bender, and you need 5 images to start a thread
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File: IMG_1644.jpg (104KB, 768x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Last one hit image limit
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>one piece

good luck, despite all the creative shit in the series your probably only going to get the usual doujins, if your lucky

No seriously, anything involving Zoans is going to tread the "Dangerously furry" line (they can turn into animals use your imagination), Paramecias are going to be catering to very specfic fetishes (Jewel Bonney's fruit is great for sudden /ss/ or old men, for example) and Logias are too overpowered for porn
Mind telling me what the name of this is?
I can't get the options to reverse image search to show up. they're supposed to be near the thumbnail right? Next to the name of the image?
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I'll post something to keep this thread going.

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Just got this delicious fairy onahole from amazon. Gonna post some fairy hentai to celebrate.
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I don't see one here.
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Cock Fairy CYOA v1.jpg
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Noitide edition.

Please don't rollpost, use this instead if necessary (although it rarely is): https://www.random.org/

Previous thread: >>7409454

>Programs you can use to make CYOAs of your own
Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/
SAI: https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/
CYOA Maker: https://github.com/ogkloo/CYOA-Maker

>CYOA archives and Image Resources
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Might as well post this while I'm at it.
Page 1/3.
Page 2/3.
Page 3/3.

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No traps, futa or similar please. Also no shitting up the thread with arguments.

Dumping some milfy kitsune doujin.

Last thread:
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Previous thread: >>7349870
No muscle/bara/futa

Let's keep up the good work
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who is the artist and do they draw anything with normal diccs
Artist is でっこ/Decko. Edit anon in the previous thread enhanced it though.
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Semahiro Tanuki 01.jpg
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Incidentally, this is the preferred size of this thread, but as we all know: bigger is always better.

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