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Anything involving parasites or tentacles, and rape at the same time

Anyone have more like this?
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If anyone knows where this is from speak up plz

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Preferably forced tf girl to futa---no boys allowed!
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anyone got any or know of any good open world hentai/porn games?

>pic is urbanxlife which i think is on hiatus
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If you're not here to share porn fuck off to >>>/r/

Show me your Best Snake Vore
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Smooching edition
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Last thread hit the bump limit, so here we go again! Same rules as before- hyper goes in its own thread, >>6975211
No muscle futa, though futa are allowed if they're accompanied by muscle girls.
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Can we have a huge futa dick thread?
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>"Put your left leg out, and wiggle it about!"
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Well said anon, fucking lost it
isn't that half the threads on /d/?

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What have you all stumbled across lately that gave you a new fetish?

For me, about a few weeks ago I was cleaning out my fleshlight with it inside out n all and realized it looked like a nubby tentacle. With tentacle porn high up on my list of porn I gave it a go sliding the thing down my throat. Naturally I gagged but didn't quit easing my gag reflex day by day. It's week 3 now and I can hilt my entire 9in fleshlight down my throat without retching right away, just have to work on calming down my throat with a foreign body inside it.
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If you don't have anything to contribute, fuck off to
if you really need to talk about how much you love to suck fake dicks IRL and want to be praised for that by preening faggots.
I hope whatever you're using has a handle so it doesn't get stuck in your throat....

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Can you give me some blind, deaf or disabled girl doujins? ... also please keep it vanilla
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fresh edition

Previous: >>7053132

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:


>/d/ Game Catalog:
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First for /d/evs post progress.

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That's fucking amazing.

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now no longer the weight gain/belly stuffing thread

Post girls getting fat and fat girls getting fatter! discuss your weight gain, feederism, and the like, and if you want, tease other gaining anons!

previous thread: >>6978000
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Why go back to being separate? I mean, it's fine, but it seemed like it was working fine together last thread.

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Hi all guys!

Previous thread: >>6855425

This thread is for the discussion and posting of wedgie related content.

If you've got an request, we've got a few captionfags that might just take your request if you ask nicely.
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yo whats the name of this anime?

That's not an anime (well, maybe there's also an anime, dunno), it's a fanart about an all-female wrestle game: Wrestle Angels.

There are a lot of fanarts in which Chisato (the green-haired girl) ends being humiliated, not so much with wedgies tho.
well ok then ty

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Hey we got a social and kinda lewd discord going with some cute boys and stuff, we hang around, play games, talk in voice or watch stuff together..

Come join Trap City

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>on /d/
You do realize that like 80% posters here are girls right?
Lies. There are no girls on the internet.
True.But you are not on the internet.You are talking to yourself on the computer. And it is time to wake up.

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Girls becoming addicted to someone because of touch, smell, etc.
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I'd also check out Sweet Guy. It's a comic about a guy getting the power to make people 'feel good' when they touch him

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