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i got the full hard choices comic by Karbo, anyone got the felarya tomes?

(pic unrelated, needed to post a pic to start thread)
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Got a challenge for you, /d/?
Can you sexualise "The Enigma of Amigara Fault"? Can you provide images?
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Check out the "elastic" threads about stretchy people. Same concept but sexualized.
Easy, just have the end shape be some fetish.
"Same concept"

Not at all? The end of this story has them as emaciated zombies shaped by the walls of a mountain which I'm sure is horrifically painful and hellish. Elastic is fun girls that have a superpower.

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Last one I have

It's only 3 pages.

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let's get the tickling threa/d/ back on track
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>back on track
These threads have so many highs and lows it's not a train it's a plane
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You might want to actually post some images then fuckwit.

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Undead thread
Post zombies indulging in another primal urge.
Bonus points for Yuri or futa.
All kinds of undead welcome ie mummies and Frankensteins too.
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Wide hips and huge butts.
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This has been a long time coming
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Eating from a girl's ass/Shitting food
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Who let it die? edition

Previous edition: >>7062159

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:


>/d/ Game Catalog:
http://pastebin.com/Su7gb2iq (embed)
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did the pastebin die?
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Working on fixing the latest crop of Free Cities bugs and incorporating contributors' work. is reasonably stable; there are some annoying error messages and UI issues, but nothing that'll really break things as far as I know.

>Forget the fucking events and give us some branched or FS-specific upgrades to the facilities, already, damn you!
It sounds like you've got specific ideas, and if you do, by all means suggest them. However, I'm doing my best to gate fewer options behind societal progress. In most cases, I think it's better to make FS choices enhance options that are available to everyone. The FS decorations for the facilities are an exception to that, obviously.

>I must know, what is the highest $beauty you've gotten out of a slave and how did you achieve it?
This is a moving target because pretty much every update changes something there. It's been a couple of weeks since I did a completionist playthrough with an optimitized lineup, but the ~300 range is possible. This is from a variety of sources:
>Full skills, beauty, intelligence, fetishes, libido, etc. etc.
>Full futa with ovaries + balls, supported by maxed Gender Radicalism with the Futa-focused Radicalism policy update
>Asset Expansionism to strip off the limit on beauty from assets, with maxed tits, ass, junk, etc. Produced by an extended stay in an industrial Dairy
>Either maxed Body Purism and a clean build, or maxed Transformation Fetishism and full-retard body mods and tattoos
So basically your average lategame CoC character, minus the purple skin, horns, and bee legs.
>but the ~300 range is possible.
I have said this before, but you are truly a god amongst men. Not just for this but also because you've developed a free text based porn game the way it was meant to be. Until I discovered Free Cities I was pretty lost in the way of smut games. Everything was furry or in development hell. I suppose that's the way immigrants feel coming to a Free City.
Also I've got a bug where prosthetic limbs are being built. I've got a shelter slave waiting nearly 100 weeks for the limbs to be built.
Also I'm going to try the radicalism, I haven't used it in so long I don't know the effects.

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Is there any place where a sentient slime/goo person/thing forces it's way into your body? Possession preferred but just going inside and being there is enough
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Does this fit what you mean?

Yes, stuff like that!

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What did you edit?

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Hey. You. Yeah, the scruffy boy awake in the middle of the night browsing /d/ for futa because you kinda want to be one but that's ridiculous so you just beat off for a few hours before bed.

You know you CAN be a dickgirl, right?
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Can confirm. Became dickgirl. 10/10 would recommend
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I was just like you, y'know. Aimless, vaguely depressed and irritated at my life, always looking at myself in photos and agonizing about how wrong I looked. Browsing futa threads until 3am because those bodies represented an unattainable pinnacle of beauty I could never hope to achieve.

Then I realized I might never be hentai-level pretty, but I'd sure be a lot happier as a girl. So I stopped being a boy.
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I'll be straight (well kinda) with you: it'll take time before you see a girl looking at you in the mirror. And some of you may have a rougher time of it than others. But the rewards...oh lord, they are great.

tits, for one thing.

This anon knows what's up.

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arms behind head, knees pointing out half squat. This stance is just so lewd to me.

I don't think there's a name for this. The closest thing I can find in javs is "crab crotch".
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Fight Edition

Last thread: >>7061091
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Giant Fire Emblems a best.
Will the Warhammer ork continue to dump feet pics?
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Not that Hachimitsu is bad in any way, but do you honestly think that image makes for a good OP image?

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