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we reply (you) to other posters, with a pic added and humilate them for inadequate size, let your attacker know if their comment made you shoot!
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also just feel free to post pics to get your chances higher of being targeted/ add members
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>a fetish where the primary focus is male genitalia
>it's so censored you can't even see it anymore
At that size we couldn't see it anyway.

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I started dumping this in /h/, but that is totally the wrong place for it.

I will now proceed to dump this here, for reasons.
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It's just this picture but isn't it a great time to be alive?

btw can someone translate what is she saying?
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it says:
"someone please uncensor my dick, holy shit japanese censorship laws are so fucking stupid"

Love that kind of stuff.
"oh honey, I waited for you all day long...please suck my milk with your mouth and my penis with your butthole..."

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No cuntboy thread? Come on
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I dont see much of this stuff around here
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Favorite Picture Thread
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What the fuck is even happening here?
Canister of cum will explode into her pussy if the wrong wire is cut
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Anything similar to this, really

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Thread for flattening and other tf fetish
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Anyone got more of this and does this stuff have a name
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Huh. Never thought someone else would share this extremely specific fetish.
no but I sure do like it now that I've seen it

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Old thread hit bump limit, here's a new one friends
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I'm working on translating a manga I found recently called 'That Girl's a Mad Scientist'. The first chapter has some SPH and sick growth elements, and the second has futa! I quite like it. Here's the first portion of chapter one, hope you like it!
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>inb4 fuck Fakku, copyright, shills, thread derailment, etc.

Guidelines for newfags: Body swaps are fine too since I have never seen anyone complain about them, and I've noticed a lot of bumping when there's a separate thread due to less content than 女体化.

Possession and skinsuits are less universally liked so try to keep the darkness to another thread. (I think it's their tendency to focus on ruining a person's life while they can do nothing but watch from behind the same set of eyes which is controversial. Body swaps are more often vanilla.)

Straight-up crossdressing and futa are separate fetishes that can be classified as an incomplete change, and they have nothing to do with this thread.
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Last one died long ago, and no ones making a new one, so here it is
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you need a couple images of your own to start a thread
As a femanon, you need to post images to start a thread. ^_^

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You can write what the roles in the above persons relationship would be like if you want
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