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SocksFetish hentai!! ! ! some feet would also work but they got to be smoth and smal just cute :D
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Soles pls <3 xD xD xD but still nice some bondage there <3 <3 <3

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Previous Thread: >>7025000
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yuruyuri (5).jpg
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Requesting uncensored of this please
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Lucy gloryhole slut.jpg
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Requesting gingerfication.

Pale skin, freckles on face, shoulders, arms and chest, blue eyes, and orange hair.

Time to get this rolling again
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This is not for the old and boring usual NTR, post something fits for /d

For example the legendary Chinese Merchant, who made a second wife out of the crossdressing guy who netorare'd the merchant's cheating wife

Or the married guy who enjoys getting his butt filled with his elementary school futanari teacher, behind his pregnant wife.

Or the yandere trap who fucks with his sister's boyfriend...which the older sister know and planned all along, happily.

Or the guy who got divorced because his wife caught him fucking with his own trap brother-in-law.

Okay, you get the idea. Go.
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To kickstart the thread, I'll dump...nah, everybody already read San Se Fang, let's skip to no. 2.
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This belongs on /yaoi/, and you've even outlined why in the OP.

Enjoy that ban.

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File: doGdUz1o1jis.gif (1MB, 435x243px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 435x243px

And all I got are MAGAd ones
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futa foreskin/ females interacting with foreskin
(no hyper anything please)
Bonus points for anteaters
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trying to do my first HMV

looking for the worst videos or links you have with sound
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hentai music video
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no one ?

File: 1240680213315.jpg (260KB, 987x936px)Image search: [Google]
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Women and girls and their piercings.

(Pls no futa)
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This isn't the the easiest kink to find art for.

Post dick nipples! Preferably of the non-shitting variety.
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Bonus points for Azula
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Takes 6 to start a thread. Need Moar doggy futa Azula.

For some reason, watching Inque reform from a puddle after being blown to bits was the hottest thing ever to me when I was young. It stuck with me, but then I realized that 14 years after watching that episode of BB, I haven't really seen much of women doing it.

Parasite Eve movie (based on the novel instead of the games): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSoeD62xoiA&t=50s

Deep Fear, also known as Resident Seavil: https://youtu.be/j3WQCK2vKR8?t=8m24s

Pic is very much related, I just wanted to show vids

Please no futa.
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Girls transformed or transforming into robots.

Or just your fave robot girls.
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Need to pictures for the collection.
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download (3).jpg
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