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Conjoined twin thread! The last one archived edition
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first for ischopagus best conjoinment
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Why do you assholes keep doing this? It's not funny.

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Thread for all your soft, fuzzy insect girls. Butterflies and other insects girls welcome too.
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I have a deep fetish for hentai stories in which the character overcomes their shame for being deviant or gets persuaded into "trying it" and starting to enjoy it, giving in, becoming the /d/eviant. It has to be other than plain vanilla, like being "coerced" by situation or lust into doing perverted stuff. Initial rape or rape itself is not wished.
Anyone has more material?

Pic related, it's from Inferior Male when "she" asks him to suck her dick too and his face is all blushed.
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I just found this near the bottom and I have to try and bump it.This is my biggest fetish and theres nothing that turns me on more than watching a cute sissy finally give in and love dick

also you got quads so that needs to be checked

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I'm talking N>10 or so. Any gender.
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Post 'em
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am I the only one that has thought of a mod of pic related where the killer is instead a monster girl?

how would the survivors (mates?) win?

how does the sacrifice mechanic come into play? (if at all)

what would the monsters be and what should be thier abilities?

who could we get to make this a realty?

(if you don't know the game youtube it and come back)
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There already is a female monster.....
A monster girl isn't just a monster who happens to be a girl
Newfag detected
Would you want the monster girl trying to kill the players?

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Based on DOT DOT DOTs Recent Things threads on /e/.
This is a thread for new content recently posted at the original source.

Everyone is welcome to post what they like, as long as it's recent, /d/ enough, and the Image is from the original source (where the artist uploaded it).

If you want the sauce for something I prefer if you try SauceNAO or the even the 4chan imagesearch before asking, it will save us both time.

Previous Thread:
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I'm sick, so I'm going to dump a bunch of cock, breast, ass, nipple, etc. comparisons.

General comparisons (two futa squishing a male's clit-dick inbetween) are fine, and so are comparisons that only involve one person (implied growth), but bonus points for actual charts and shit. Extra bonus points for dimensions, inches, etc.
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Continue to dump then
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Worst part about being sick is being unable to cum, really.
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But I like the whole 'size comparison' thing too much not to masturbate.

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misc 142.jpg
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last thread: >>7045200

behave yourselves this time
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Old one died a few weeks ago, figured I'd get one up again.
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Can we get a muscle girl thread going. NO FUTA. Double points for female muscle growth

Also some questions, answer if you like(from old thread)

1. Would you want a muscle girl in reality

2. What turns you on the most of a muscle girl

3. What made you into this

4. Do femanons also have this fetish(not only like muscle girls but also want to become/are.)
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1. Yes
2. I actually like the concept of girls growing becoming better and better everyday.
3. In child I had a crush on a fit girl.
4 N/A
1. Yes
2. Sweaty Armpits, Sweaty feet, the sweat. Knowing a woman can handle me as rough as possible and being extremely gentle is such a turnon..
3. Sweat fetish lol
1. Yes
2. I can't say which one turns me on more: the sexy round shapes or the feel of muscles
3. I don't know. I used to draw muscled men as a child. Not women because of the shame. I was definitely this way already as a child. I guess I like stimulation but I'm actually a sensitive person which is a bit illogical. I like many kinds of /d/ material (narrow-minded people would label me as a fetishist).

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Figured it was about time another Monster Girl thread was made. I'll start us off.
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Heya /d/. Let's have a talk while we post porn, whaddayasay? First off, let's just make this a thread of whatever rocks our collective boats, as it'll be relevant to the discussion.

I'm writing a paper about Sharing and Sexuality in the digital age for my Digital Rhetoric class, and I'm looking for comments from those who have uploaded sexual photos of themselves (or consenting partners) to any public website. I would like to know what your motivations were for doing so, whether you feel it helped you empower your sexuality, or any other comments you would like to add. I'll also take responses from artists, or even if you're just a frequent /d/ poster.
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I'm gonna post a few pictures I enjoy, so it's not strictly a discussion thread.
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Dickgirls and herms who dress, act or look masculine, or could otherwise be mistaken for guys.

To prevent this from becoming a trap thread, make sure anything you post actually has boobs.
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Anyone? Anyone at all?

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Hardcore obedience
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