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Sanji and Nami are going to bake the cake aren't they?
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You'll get BTFO anon. You're just making it worse for yourself. I'm not saying SanPu will happen but your theory is definitely not happening.
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I know. Just poking fun at SaPufags because I know it triggers them.
Nami will kiss Sanji regardless though

Gabriel Dropout is the cutest Dogakobo anime since Yuru Yuri
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Is Koichi Hirose the child of Jean Pierre Polnareff? They have silver hair and a flattop. Animators don't do that stuff on accident, right?
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Read the manga.
It would cost you considerably less time to give me a tl;dr on this than it would cost me to read the mangas for both series

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Did they fuck?
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Keep dreaming
I wish though
No. But they will, someday.
Natsu is too asexual. She has to rape him

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Ready to get blacked?
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>tfw no qt pure gyaru gf

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V has come to...
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I fucking love furuta,
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love Kaneki
Yeah me too. Wanna suck eachothers cocks?

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If you look at this scene and compare to what anime became now. It is almost as if anime lost its own identity.
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84 to 98, yes.
Make that 81.

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So now that the dust has long since settled, was Madoka good, bad, or meh?
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Poor man's Utena.
As someone who didn't really want to watch it because I thought it was over-hyped I was actually surprised. I remember really enjoying it actually, granted I didn't become a superfan of the series like some people who watched it, but I will say it kept me entertained.

I'd probably give it at least an 7.5/10 or so

Hey so apparently, 3 weeks ago it was the the 15th anniversary of FLOW, the guys who brought us such gems as Colors (JIBUN WO), Go! (WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMERS), sign (I REALIZE THE SCREAMING PAIN), Days (ANO HI KAWASHITA YAKUSOKU WO), a remix of Cha-La-Head-Cha-La and Hero! (GIMME GIMME POWER) from DBZ Battle of Gods and many many other songs.

So they made a new version of Go! which has some popular voice actors from the shows they did songs for do a line in it

Junko Takeuchi「NARUTO」:as Naruto 3:14
Noriaki Sugiyama「NARUTO」:as Sasuke 3:17 
Chie Nakamura「NARUTO」:as Sakura 3:21
Showtaro Morikubo「NARUTO」:as Shikamaru 3:59
Jun Fukuyama「Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion」:as Lelouch Lamperouge 3:35
Yuko Sanpei「Eureka seven」:as Renton Thurston 3:28
Kaori Nazuka「Eureka seven」:as Eureka 3:31
Toshiki Masuda「Samurai Flamenco」:as Masayoshi Hazama 3:42
Yuki Kaji「The Seven Deadly Sins」:as Meliodas 4:03
Toshiyuki Toyonaga「Durarara!! x2 Ketsu」:as Mikado Ryugamine 3:45
Kisho Taniyama (GRANRODEO) cameo appearance 3:56
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Fuck Nahroodow but Flow is good shit.

>led to believe that one needs a female body to achieve perfection.
>most perfect character is male.

What does it mean?
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Maybe Americans would get confused because Tsubasa is blue and not green, and you know how dangerous to a burger's health getting confused can be.
Why did he save his hat, but burn the rest of his clothes?
Burgers are the world elite though.

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This is the true power of Deus Vult
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Have you forgotten the song of our people /a/?

The years have passed and newfags roam the board freely but have you forgotten the song of glory? The song of PETTAN PETTAN TSURUPETTAN


(Remember when Madlax was actually popular?)
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I will never forget.

Spain's retarded little brother created a real-life Keijo league.

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Not anime.

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Seriously, when do we get the good news? I want to hear Ilfie love. She's too cute.
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>Hohenzollern eagle patch

What do you not understand that it's the republic now, Kouki?
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I want to grab Bernadette by the armpits and hold her like a cat

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Pick an anime, any Anime of any genre, and make a terrible American shiftfest movie out of it
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Hang on, this isn't real, is it?

suck a cock fag
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The Astroboy movie? Yeah came out in 2009 and had Nicolas Cage as Dr. Tenma.

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