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When was the first time you fapped to anime?
Who welcome you to the 2D world?
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Lucy from Fairy Tail. First time I fapped was 10th grade high school.
Fuck me if I remember. Sailor Venus maybe?
How the flying fuck am I supposed to remember, huh?

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I propose that Quetzalcoatl's whambangoes are actually TOO BIG. I don't mean I don't like them - I just think that if they were smaller I'd like them more.

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no need for lube anymore.jpg
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Is this the greatest love story of all time?
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The pain never heals
It reminds me a lot of my own love life except my hand can't talk.

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Rei is god damn cute. CUTE!
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You're right, she is 2nd best girl
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What's next for us after the Heaven's Feel movie /a/?
>Apocrypha and Extra is guaranteed dogshit
>Grand Order is a cancerous mobage shit
>Prototype won't sell well since most Fatefags are males
>Narita will die before he can finish Strange Fake
Is another season of Prisma our only hope?
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Prisma is shit now though.
>Prisma movie that doesn't even have Illya in it
I've got one route left to clear in Tsukihime which I've really enjoyed and then I'm finally moving onto Fate. How much worse should I expect it to be.

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Chapter 21 raw coming out in 5 hours. Get ready for the Tanya v.s. Anson fight.
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...and Carlo Zen's new book is called Yakitori "Skewered Chicken"
what's it about?

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Which anime character has the best bellybutton?
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bellybutton dance.webm
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shibuya rin

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smug shingo.jpg
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Can't lose the race if we're both dead
What was his problem?

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This is your student now. How do you help her graduate?
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Remove the clips.
Relieve her sexual frustration.
Marriage so she can move in and I will tutor her like a madman until she passes everything. After each study session she will receive a hot dicking that ingrains what she learned to her small brain.

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Yuyushiki summer
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I want to go to the beach with Yui.
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No one came to my thread on thursday. Too thurssy for you? Shame.

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Mari silently judging you.
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I bumped because of my undying love for humiliation at the hands of pretty girls.
Femdom is love

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Somedays I'm takamura
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Hope you're Takamura in the event of having to fight off a bear with your fists.
I felt really sad when I saw him go through all the hardships to cut weight because kamogawa is a jackass
That fight against Hawk, though...


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How do you define "comfyness"?
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It's basically a meaningless buzzword people use when they can't properly explain why they enjoy something and think it's good.
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A world where problems are such that even if you don't solve them, it doesn't matter.

Take Koi to Uso for example: no matter what the mc chooses, his future is pretty much secured.
Originally people would use comfy to describe a show that evokes a deep sense of warmth and comfort from the viewer --- usually this would entail that the show was perhaps slow-paced, explores themes to elicit said comfort, or simply has a tone or atmosphere that chooses to ease the soul. Although perhaps people find senseless gore and action as something which makes them "comfy"?

Subjectivity aside, while they may personally use comfy as a descriptor for any show which provides them comfort. It would be a misuse of the commonly agreed upon meaning for the term comfy. Instead people should call a show like that "ruthless" but with the added caveat that the show's ruthlessness eases their soul to avoid misconceptions.

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