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Do you think Mikasa and Eren became a couple during the timeskip?
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yes, and they have around 3 children
jean killed himself out of jealousy
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>One for each hand... c-captain... heh.
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No, Eren became gay thanks to the DILFs

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What are they arguing about this time?
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Over who gets to be top
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What are they arguing about this time?

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It's that time of week again. A lot of progress in the past two chapters and now we enter the 16th hand of One Poker. What would you do in this situation as Kaiji? Play your 8 or your Jack?
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Ch. 25 is out.
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I want to be fed by a cute cake like that.
Is she a pedophile?

I want to protect this smile
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dangerous cat thread


What did they mean by this?
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It happened in the Keller which is german for basement.
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Jim "Certified Shit Wrecker" Keller

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Happy birthday!
Whose is it?
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Why are people still reading this shit?
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Lady building.png
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it's another jap who also draws BnHA shit who is probably acquitances with the guy that drew that

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Is this basically canon?
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That's one hot couple. (Pic related as another example.)

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Are you guys ready for a new Isekai ride?
This time with a Jew simulation + lizard bro and loli dragon
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Name a 10/10 anime/movie/manga and say how you will improve it, i'll go first.
DsoD was so amazing already with the whole kaiba not letting go his obssesion that it didn't really need an antagonist, heck diva even feels that he was shoehorned there that i don't even remeber why he hated yugi and kaiba in the first place. It should have just been kaiba doing shit then fighting yugi and after being defeated by him he finally acknowladged him. The last part they should keep it since it was the best part of the show
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>Name a 10/10 anime/movie/manga
>say how you will improve it,
What the fuck does 10/10 even mean to you?

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>his favorite studio makes dancing anime without animated dancing
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>his favorite studio makes anime about a rock band with awful concert scenes
>his favorite studio is involved in the anime industry
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>every love livefag ever

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160198664
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I would love to see a drawing or a shop of fennec driving a tank GUP style preferably afrika korps
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Requesting Princess Salvia(blue) brushing Princess Dawn's(pink) hair like pic related. Salvia standing behind Dawn both smiling happily while Salvia brushes Dawn's blue hair.
Reference for both: http://imgur.com/a/9RggX
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Requesting cute chibi girls like pinch keychains

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-best op
-best girl
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Best or not, I'd certainly enjoy her feet and stockings.
I want the Doll to rub my face with her feet every day!
Would lick feet.
Just not SHAFT's potato feet.

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What was his fucking problem?
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This is the comfiest film ever made. never mind anime
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