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it's rem time.
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I love Emilia.
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Rem is the cutest.

New IF chapter soon I think.
Rem is alright but nee-sama is better.

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Link releventing.
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No, I prefer to drink any liquid that comes from Utaha.

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It has now been fully 12 hours 10 minutes since the S2 announcement >>160222155 and my smile has not shown any sign of disappearing.
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Have they found someone to replace Kaban's seiyuu yet?
Thanks for the story, colorfriend.

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>the wind is troubled today
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Overrated shit
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delete this

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Which is the best of the big 3 /a/?

For me its by far One Piece. I've completed the manga for all 3 (caught up with One Piece) and there is no doubt in my mind when I say that One Piece is the best. The characters, world building, art, consistency and not to mention its ability to STILL BE GOOD in >current year, unlike both Bleach and Naruto that had a massive drop in quality.

Though both Bleach and Naruto have One Piece beat in terms of fight quality (in terms of choreography) and both of their anime is far better than One Piece's

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We have a thread like this already. Fuck off.

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ITT post:

• Bad anime w/ good OP/ED
• Good anime w/ bad OP/ED

Post only OP/ED in question.
Others try to guess which is it.
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Gantz. I guess?
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Dope ass ending. Average at best anime.

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Can we talk about the rootest tootest meanist hombre in the west?
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Not Youmu should step up her game
Not Youmu?

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Leave moeshit to me.
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what will you do?
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ok, but dont dissapoint us.

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Burori desu
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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>natural prodigy
>has highest potential (went from not knowing what super saiyan is to being capable of reaching super saiyan 3 in 1 day)
>protects her waifu (who's also SSB tier or higher)
>brother highly praises her
>managed to impress Son Goku with her amazing fighting capabilities

>""""""scholar"""""" with no job
>cheats on his wife
>thinks cosplay is cool
>doomed the earth because he got cocky after unlocking his """""potential""""
>his dad never cared about him
>let his waifu get raped in front of thousands of people
>lost to a gay furry in front of multiple gods
>only achievement is beating cell with the help of 10 other people
>fanbase consists of edgy mexicans that self insert into him and legitimate pedophiles
what is kek. and why is it a bad thing

Is football Dio best boy of the season?
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Someone explain the joke here for me, who did they think Sawa chan was talking to if it isnt her mom?
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The other girls were thinking it's hard to talk with a dick in your mouth.
Didn't they think it might have been her boyfriend?

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Why does she always whisper a Jewish black magic incantation before she starts playing the violin?
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Why not
go back to pol its not jewish

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Is /a/ still mad?
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Nah, it was a shit anime to begin with.
Nah, only retards got mad.
I was never mad to begin with. It makes no sense for anyone to "remain pure" for a kid who rescued them when they were in elementary school and who has been in a coma for however fucking long it was.

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So, are they gay or what?
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When girls do it, it's called "cute".
not to me
Depends on your delusions

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How will be Guts if he was an apostole?
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Won't he pretty much look like the beast of darkness?
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>How will be Guts if he was an apostole
Are you ok, anon?
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>mfw this happens
>to kill a monster you must become a monster

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