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when will i be able to watch an official 1080p release of this? the animation is too good for the shit releases out for it
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When netflix releases it. Go home

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This gambler makes me feel things I didn't think were possible. I want to watch the world end with her.

no bullying as we discuss the greatest shounen of the 21st century. history will be kinder to kubo because of the fantastic arc, memorable characters, hype plot, and good uses of powers

join me /a/, what do you miss most about bleach that you can't seem to find?

pic related was one of my favorite moments
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Bleach was fucking terrible past the second arc.
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uh oh! it looks like you came close to thinking critically for once!
I miss Aizen-sama so hard

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Kakegurui thread. Chapter 43.
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What is this top panel face tries to convey about
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>you will never see this scene animated

why even live

They'd probably fuck that face up more than the rape-faces

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He did it
The absolute madman
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This generation, they don't know man. Such as,

-Pic related
-.rmvb files
-.avi files
-People once rejecting the mere idea of .mkv files
-The Hi10P shitstorm
-The idea of more than one group fansubbing a show, even fighting over it.
-Toonami being on on weekdays
-Dragon Ball Z airing on TV before it even came to Toonami
-Fansubs for shows taking up to a week
-OP/ED song karaoke (Of course in romanji, characters and English)
-TL Notes
-The initial Pokemania wave
-A time when Gundam SEED was actually the biggest thing to ever come out of Japan (and people actually loved it)
-The internet explosion that was "Naruto-kun, I love you" and what looked like Hinata's death
-People once actually liked 4Kids, or at the very least, tolerated their existence
-GAR in general and where it comes from

Feel free to add.
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go back to bed kid
what's the point of this picture? the arrows branch out to every character. were you trying to show some kind of relationship? why are the arrows even there in the first place?
you sound like you're not actually very old.

enjoy your youth and stop wasting it yapping like an old person.

>you will never experience this

why live
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the girls in that show aren't even that attractive anyways.
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>government assisted wives would be considered communist, patriarchal, racist and more
>even if it's opt IN, not out

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i came.png
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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship tomorrow
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I ordered from cdjapan just for a bonus bookmark...
It's not even that good. I don't know how you idiots could watch this shit more than once.

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Why did they forgive her?
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Power of friendship or some gay shit like that.

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Psylocke scans has dropped Kaguya; Jag has decided to discontinue scanlating it given that it was licensed by Viz. Formerly, Kaguya was done by three people: Jag, one more cleaner, and another redrawer. The cleaner and the redrawer, along with the addition of a translator and a typesetter to fill Jag's place, will continue working on Kaguya! We will be releasing under the /a/nonymous tag, you can find us on batoto. We do not need donations, please consider supporting the author by buying the official release instead! The version with HQ scans will be released on Thursday/Friday.
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>Kibitoshin is a nice Kaioshin
>Beerus can exist since Kibitoshin includes Shin
>Kibitoshin combines Kibito's powers as healing and changing clothes and whatever Shin's abilities
>No dragon should be able to cancel potara fusion

Explain why Super chose to sacrifice Kibitoshin and get back shitty Shin and screen-absent Kibito.
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Undoing everything good that happened before it happens to be Super's specialty.
First and foremost being the nostalgia you have for the good times you had as a kid when this crap slow paced show entertained you.

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shark eat
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I love Tomboys!
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Then you're likely a man of patrician taste. Post more
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>tfw tomboy loses
He was a shit anyway. Haruto deserves worst girl
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Had a dream about this angel last night.

>Anime women will never truly understand
Starting with an easy one.
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Fuck off.

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