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Are there any well-known mangaka or Japanese illustrators that have their work exhibited in galleries?
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all of them if you define gallery right
God bless that guy who I met in a buyfag threads like a year ago. He wanted to buy the actual thing in OP's pic. It'd be amazing if he did.
What might this masterpiece be valued at anyway?

How long have subs been out kizu part 3?
Completely missed it.
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Who is best quest and why is it Pegasus?
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It's Shiori

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I was expecting something a tad sad, but not this.
Though I am a little dissapointed that it doesn't acutally show the loli being raped.
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The mangaka also has some superb taste.

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Fuck I wish I watched this with you guys when it was airing

I want to shitpost about it so bad but everyone's already done shitposting about it
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I don't care why people disliked it. It was very entertaining.
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>everyone's already done shitposting about it

I wish.
It's not even a year since it ended, so there is still plenty of shitposting left.
Well, I mean the reacting-to-new-episodes type of shitposting.

Just finished episode 7 and I have a huge urge to say THE MAD MAN ACTUALLY DID IT when he jumped off the cliff but everyone's already been through all of this

Would you befriend this autist?
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No. Fatty seems like best female friend material.
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No, I'd rather keep my distance. When she dresses like this and acts like that, what would the others think?
Why the hell did ikemoto design her like this? Was he trying to make her more feminine or just wanted plain old fanservice?

Melvina, like many other often forgotten girls, was a good girl, and you should remember that.

Reminder, stream soon as it's Friday, or nearly at it.
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Melvina gift.jpg
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What would the BETA do to their loyal Pomeranian species traitor?

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So why hasn't Katsuhiro Otomo utilized this franchise's immense popularity to make a short anime or a movie series in order to properly present the story's narrative. The stand alone film is good but it really doesn't do the manga justice when it comes to it's plot, so much was cut out.
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>ywn see Akira:Brotherhood

Because he doesn't milk a franchise. I personally love both the film and the manga. The film is impressive enough as a standalone piece, which can rope people into the manga. There's no need to create a precise, animated substitute for the manga anyway, given that it's an excellent story which can stand without requiring a full adaptation. The thing is, I really don't want Akira to end up like Ghost in the Shell, with god-knows how many rehashes.
It's the Evangelion/2001ASO thing: if you want to experience it - watch it, if you want information - read it

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What is thy desire?
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Fuck the OP started playing in my head

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Is Kobayashi technically a single mother?
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She's technically the greatest.
Is she the sole legal guardian to Kanna?
Kobayashi general? Kobayashi general.

Kobayashi Maru.

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death note.jpg
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Do you think L already won the light because of this?
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>MC does something dumb and fucks up the situation
>Does something even dumber to fix it while causing problems for everyone
>Praised for doing it
Why do nips think this is a good thing?
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Name one example of this
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This fucking idiot
Isn't that what people do in real life?

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Want to watch that Tanya anime. But I'm an insane Catholic. Is the main character- this blonde switchgender chick- a virgin? I need to know her sexual history.
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Tanya has had a man inside her.
>using /a/ as your personal search engine
>making multiple threads for the same thing
Fuck off, newfag retard.
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Shark teeth are the best teeth
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Shark blowjob!
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How does /a/ feel about mono no aware romances? Is it better to just have a happy ending instead?
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I found the ending to this bittersweet but enjoyable. The smile he gives at the end almost showing how all the years he has been hung up on this girl and holding up on the hope that maybe they will cross paths and stop and find each other.

And then they do, but she doesn't stop.

It's sad, but it is closure, he can now move on, he has nothing left for him here.
I prefer open-ended things and melancholic/bittersweet anime. It's more powerful that way.

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