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Sucks having to make a thread to post a response I was almost done typing. Here's to hoping you three see this, I guess.

Not much to read though. http://pastebin.com/1xL6i9zm

You can start Horizon with absolutely nothing else by the author in your mind, but it can be a lot to take in right off the bat. I would recommend watching the anime first just to get the intros down or better yet reading the author's earlier work, Owari no Chronicle because it's a lot less crazy while still showing off the style he kicks into overdrive in Horizon. But yeah you can just start reading Horizon without doing any of that if you want, but it's not for everyone. Not something I would recommend if you just want fanservice like Shinmai.

She's a robot that can eat and perform normal body functions and also be taken apart and have repair and maintenance done. Usual robot stuff.
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Kimi best girl.
I forgot your second question. No, but he has had extremely intimate kissing sessions with both of them.
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>want to read the novels
>download the RAWs
>look at the length of each book
Kill me.

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This is my ability, Countdown. It lets me plant on bomb on some one when I touch them and say "bomber". The bomb can only be disarmed by touching me and saying "I caught the bomber". This ability is ten times stronger than Little Flower and can not be blocked by Nen.
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But can it withstand both rubber and gum?
His ability was fucking stupid beyond belief and badly written entirely for the purpose of GI

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Just came back from seeing the movie. Honestly loved it. Perfect sendoff to the original series. Aigami is a pretty interesting villain, and the Cubic monsters might just be my favorite archetype now after seeing them in motion.

It was also cool how central Shadi was to the plot of the movie.

What did you think, /a/?
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it was shit
Why do they insist on making God Cards shit? They should just make the God cards unbelievably broken and instantly add them to the Forbidden list

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>story by fatalpulse
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>[Yadokugaeru (Locon)]
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lewd boy.png
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>art by asanagi
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>[Maidoll (Fei)]

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>rumiko takahashi thread
>0 results

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Ranma a shit
was this ever a thing
I don't think this was ever a thing
There's a reason beaners adore Ranma.

Anyone with a grain of intelligence can see Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku are far better.

Why have a nigger navy when you can have a loli navy?
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Despite not developing a lot of its characters, and the whole virus thing being unexplained, I really liked this show. I don't understand why a lot of people seem like "Mina"/Mi-chan more than the other girls in the bridge.
Also, it's unfortunate that this show never really became that popular. I know it's recent, but there honestly doesn't seem to have been much fan activity regarding this show in general. I'd be surprised if a fair amount of other people here actually posted in this thread.
I hope everyone has their BLAHAJs ready for the OVA.

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Why did anyone like this shitty show?
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It's was turn off your brain and laugh the show, also the shitposting threads on /a/ were great.
The main cast was very unlikable.
I want to FUCK that loli

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What was his full name again?

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This loser
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Whatever you say about Dressrosa, Doffy will always be a top tier villain.
>db characters
>worth missing

Dragon Ball characters never develop, they just live and die

Every villain is just hurr stronger hurr rule the universe

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Will you be watching Eromanga-sensei this spring, /a/?
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Izumi is cute! CUTE!
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And Kirino, Sora and Mikan are old and busted.
Pic related is the new hotness.
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trash it.jpg
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why is she so perfect?
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Hey look it's Mai Ball
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Rhythmic tittybouncing.
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Because she's designed to induce lust in you.
It'll take another half a million years and 3D girls would look like her if we'll be picky enough about them.

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I-it's gonna come soon R-right guys...?
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Even if it does, the cardboard spine is going to fuck you over like it did almost everyone else who ordered ahead of you.
Apparently it was low-quality garbage anyway.
Cardboard spine? the fug?

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>tough girl at the start of the show
>a damsel in distress by the end
Do you like these characters?
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Re Zero is literally the Bleach of light novels. Unjustifiably popular, constantly introduces new characters and abandoning it's old ones.
Your pic related was a damsel from the very start.

Damsels are boring and uninteresting characters by nature. If you exist just to be a victim of something, you aren't an interesting contribution to a story. You're just an accessory to an action.

That said, shit writing like Re Zero would be shit writing with or without relying on stupid cliches. At least the transparency makes it easier to drop shit early
Emilia is a plot device, not a character.

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why is this the best anime of all time?

its pure kino
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op is a faggot, as expected
Yes. I don't care if it triggers /a/. Quality anime like S;G doesn't happen often.
Steins gate is literally the most normie anime behind attack on titan and death note.

It was okay, but so fucking overrated by literally everyone.

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Can we get an anime for Yubisaki Milk Tea too?
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Never read it, was it gratuitous fucking around or at least DEEP and full of ROMANCE like kuzu?
this fucking mangaka just started a new manga, he will never continue Rika!!????
It's way beyond Kuzu in fucked-up-ness. It's the first popular fucked up manga that I can across.

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