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Girl singing alone a roof top during an opening scene wearing a maid outfit and cat ears with toast in her hand so she can immediately put it in her mouth and run to school late so she can attend the cultural festival in maid cafe 4 of 13 whose only table is seated in the next to last seat in the far back left of the class room next to the window.

ITT Cliche
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I don't think I've ever seen that happen.

Don't forget the two different colored eyes.
cliches serve a purpose

What are we having today, /a/?
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In the thumbnail I thought that meat was a pregnancy test

Do succubi get anything from seducing men? Or do they live solely for tempting men?
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Their souls.
Their money.
I want to snuggle with succubus-sensei!

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best universe.jpg
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Will they bring back Zamasu for the tournament?
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Daily reminder that we failed to protect his smile.
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Who's the best K-On girl?

(I'll give you a hint, it's Mugi)
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Next, there's going to be a blacked joke
nigger dicks

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Has anyone read the manga? is it any good? I just picked it up at a sale recently, liking it so far on ep3. But from my understanding there's little chance of season 2 which is a downer.
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>Has anyone read the manga?
You are aware that you are on /a/?
Why do you people think that there's ever a chance of second seasons? Hasn't the excess of unfinished, read-the-manga anime serials taught you otherwise? Do you see the odd series that gets renewed and think "oh boy, better hold out hope for every anime I like!"
Im a sucker for rom-coms. The reason i even bother watching un-finish shows is cause i have a terrible memory. Sure I may feel let down after it ends but i'll get over it.

well have you?

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>[SeiyaAnon] Saint Seiya TV 11-15
In this batch of episodes, one of the coolest fights in anime history, Deus Ex Machinas, and power of friendship.
These are scrubs of older fansubs from various different groups. Some inconsistency in terminology and naming is to be expected. I've done my best to smooth out the translation, and fix the Dub localizations that were present in a lot of them.

As always, yell at me for my mistakes in the thread.
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Scared Swan.jpg
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Seiya gets BLACKED.jpg
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>[HorribleSubs] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden - 01 [720p].mkv
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how about this?
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wow wow wow wow wow
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
what is this
>that retard rape

Jesus fucking christ, no.

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Why does Ichiji always wear different color shirt?
Strong as fuck right?
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>new thread on page 1
So desperate
u mad?
Bobbin will oneshot him.

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Holy shit! I thought for sure it was Fumitan and one of the grunts Mika killed stitched together.
>was obvious from the fact that his VA returned


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what is this organism? it's creeping me out
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it's a potato with mayonaisse
It's a masterpiece from acient times.
A bio-engineered living onahole.

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the plot really is superior to any other shows

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Get in here:
Also, what is your favorite universe and why?
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We already know who is going to win
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Voting for anyone but Ayeka should be worthy of a ban.

If you watch the OAV 1 and 2, Tenchi doesn't even really interact with Ryoko beyond annoyance, conversely he's shipped hard with Ayeka and is clearly interested in her.
>Also, what is your favorite universe and why?

Also, the original OAVs. Universe is okay, the rest are trash, but Universe regales Mihoshi to being nothing but an anchor around their neck and gives a shitty ending, so the OAVs step ahead.

What anime/manga have you physically bought recently?

The Prowler store near me has started stocking manga, picked this up earlier today. I liked priapus so i think ill like this too.
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Always a good choice.
It's been a bit. The first English volume of Galko and Gundam Thunderbolt were my last purchases.

You just reminded me both were out. Was going to get those along with more Nichijou and Welcome to the Ballroom and Akame ga Kill.

I've been buying Ajin lately, made the mistake of reading the first volume and thinking I could be fine for a while, I was so wrong, I didn't count on how fast paced it would be so I'm buying the rest to read when I have caught up. Other than that I've bought Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and Parasyte since I wanted the physical editions and I heard Parasyte was possibly going to go out of print sometime this year. Next one will probably be the rest of the Franken Fran omnibuses I need since that finishes this week.

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