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She should stay a loli forever.
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You could have bumped the other eromanga thread instead of creating this one.
Thank you, Sakura.
She should stay a loli forever.

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What the fuck is a "school morals committee"?
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A group of girls that go around tasting the dicks of male students to make sure they aren't fooling around with girls when they should be studying.
Sex police. They can't get any so they're gonna make sure you don't either.

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ITT: genuinely funny moments
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That one episode of sunred where the evil animals stole all of sunred's water and bought out the vending machines.

I laughed at this but I'm a retard.

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Who should I root for?
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Take a guess.

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>THE face of modern Shounen Jump

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Was almost this.
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Real quality thread you've got here. Fuck off.

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>Finish up the Akagi Drama
>"Shit, I thought that would have completed it. How far is the comic?"
>Read the start of Ch 294
>He's just barely saying "I lost"
>"Fuck, they couldn't have gotten that far. I'll just go back 5 chapters to see where they're at"
>Not there yet, go back 5 more
>5 more
>10 more
>20 more
>30 more
>Ch 211
>Akagi has just barely fainted, the point where the Drama ends
>The last two South Rounds last from Ch 211 to 294

Is this nigga fucking serious? Like, I know it's a meme, but this can't be real, right?
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The Washizu game lasted 20 years, I believe. I think it holds the record for longest single battle in any manga.
let me guess, besides the South 3 round, we get Washizu in Hell arc, and then iirc one entire chapter of them drawing their initial hands for the South 4 round. Just imagining a drama version of the former makes me giggle, if it was faithfully adapted.
The live drama was actually really fast paced. They covered up to the final session's South 2nd round in just over the course of 10 hour-long episodes. There was even this really made scene with the 9 pin discard using some fantastic lighting and angles.

If the Drama adapted the last two rounds, it would probably be up to 30 episodes.

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Rindou looking like Chitoge.

I miss Chitoge.
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this was a fabulous anime with a logical mc and an acceptable ending. I am satisfied
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He stopped his brain being erased by pretending to being a baby and was saved by his amazingly photographic memory.
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It's just like Elfen Lied that was left incomplete.
the enemy died and the pills were made so they could live a careless life for now

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It's you who's out, Gobby. Out of your girlfriend.
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What was her fucking problem?
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Nothing, she was perfect. This piece of shit on the other hand is fucking cancer
Isaac Newton

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Infos about Kubo:
- Kubo has no plans for a new series at the moment, but wanted to do a Figure skating manga after Bleach. He didn't because he saw Yuri on Ice and it was already great. Maybe he will in ten years when YoI Hype dies down according to him.
- Also while he did have assistants he used them as little as possible, because he dislikes someone else drawing part of his manga, his vision. Explains no backgrounds combined with his illness.
- He laughs at the Araki is immortal joke.
- He plays a lot of Zelda.
- He prefers hand drawings than digital ones.

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Already a shit thread.
It's cute that you think anyone here gives a shit about bleach anymore. Try reddit, or maybe narutoforums.
Catalog made it look like they were gonna French kiss.

Thread thumbnail made it look like they were gonna snowball.

Full pic is kinda disappointing.

You know like Digimon
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>Draw girl
>Call it a digimon

I never get tired of this shit.
That has been the case since day 1

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Is it bad that I've been waiting for the official Netflix release of LWA? I mean, the show has been airing since the winter season, but the first half is just being released officially on the 30th over here in the states. I'm trying to avoid illegally streaming it, due to the fact that I want to support the official creators (funded the original kickstarter and have been a fan of Trigger since Gurren Lagann). I am seeing discussions pop up all over the place about the show, and the series is coming to an end. Why didn't Netflix just do a simulcast in the west like they did with Japan? All that their current model is doing is isolating people like me who chose to wait instead of using pirated sources
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>implying you can't watch it early AND support the creators
>implying you actually wait that shit scheme on netflix
I'm usually not one to watch things twice. If I watch it early, I will likely feel no motivation to watch it again during the Netflix release. The only cases I watch things a second time is when I haven't viewed them in a while (such as when I re-watched Kill la Kill last week)

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I know what anime this is but, dude, what the fuck is this song you're trying to sing?
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> tfw you are getting into a series and learn that ntr is an upcoming plot point
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