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Shh! Noa is sleeping.
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OVA > Movie 2 > Movie 1 > Shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TV series
Which Ova? Early or the other one.
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>Movie 2 > Movie 1

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There was actually quite a bit of talk about this show when it aired, I wonder if anyone actually remembered this.
That anime was bad and you should feel bad for liking it.
I enjoyed it a lot and still listen to the opening theme every now & then.

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>female character is a virgin
>makes fun of guy character for being a virgin

Why is this okay?
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she's not making fun of him you dipstick
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They do that because they want the guy to fuck them idiot
guys value goes up the more sex
girls value does down the more sex

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If any of you are familiar with horror comics, would you happen to know of this one horror guy who does these little short stories that often feature pregnant women dying horribly for some reason? Also there was one comic in particular where a corpse girl came to life out of a desire to love a prince, but the prince exorcised her by revealing he was gay and thus destroying her last shred of hope that they would be together. There's also another one where its some alternate timeline where humans grow babies to be used as food (baby food get it) but it slowly turns more batshit as time goes by. I can't remember the name of the author or his series (or rather the name for his compliation of short stories) and its driving me up the fucking wall.

And no its not Ito. There's a definite difference between the two artists in terms of style. This guy usually does shorter stories, and the horror is more surreal and nonsensical, which is saying something considering how Junji operates.

Also I'm sorry if this sort of thing isn't allowed on the board, I checked the rules but I didn't find anything so if I missed one that said you shouldn't.
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Post in /wsr/ for more help
All right, I'll try that.

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But what was the point of this scene? What is so symbolic of this shot?

inb4 something about sexual abuse. Already confirmed pure
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By me.
The cofee mugs mean unrequited love or some shit and that made her sad
Aren't those the mugs for couples she bought when she was introduced?

how does /a/ feel about naveldols?
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Proud of not being fat.
I don't know what stupid thought I had that made me pick it up but I am so glad I had that stupid thought.
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Nanyako is NOT fat.

Just tubby

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New chapter, when?
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We had a thread earlier with it and live translations. Should be scanlated soon.

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Absolute kinography.
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you can't dispute this
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Absolute kinography.

Ton-chan > Mugi > Ritsu > Yui > Sawako > Mio > Azusa > Ui > Nodoka > Jun

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>watching OVAs
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my first OVA was Bible Black iirc
report this thread

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Fans of My Hero Academia, please help me! Do any of you know where I can watch the 2nd OVA; Training of the Dead? It released on June 2nd, but all I can seem to find are promos. Even if only physical copies and dvds were sold with volume 14, I figured that someone would've uploaded it by now. Can someone help me out here? I'm dying to see that OVA.
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Still no subs, though.
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Ishida, chex!
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that "GO GO" made me like her more than the story wanted me to

I'm a sucker for waseigo

also, I would legitimately enjoy Nyan Nyan Club

Lounging around with a buncha friendly cats? That sounds fun af
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You're fine.

Elf will just make the entire cast of Oreimo jelly.
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OP should cross dress and die of autoerotic asphyxiation.
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This show lacked ecchi
would anyone have thought this show was anything but shit if it was exactly the same but not made by the oreimo guy and not featuring any cameos?

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>T-That's impossible! No one could take the shot from that far of a distance!
>No... It's possible, for one man:
>Golgo 13!
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This season might not be as good as we thought but the songs that we got were great.
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What the fuck is wrong with the actual music video, it's horrible and doesn't fit the music.

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Behead those who insult zaShunina.
zaShunina akbar!
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