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four years ago, shitty shitty shounen anime were dub-spammed and mods didn't even care

now the board is infested with normie-tier anime discussion

I hope this place continues along these lines and obliterates itself by making no distinctions between good and bad, lets get family guy dubbed in japonese and talk about it
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4chan and /a/ are borderline Reddit and facebook, no one will admit it but it's true.
>no one will admit it
oh, maybe because 90% of the actual userbase comes from these places?

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Umaru's love interest on the front page.
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>Umaru's love interest
Kirie is too good for Umashit

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is he best jojo?
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2 more days anons, two more days.....
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This stage right here-this is our Budokan!
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Yui "peaked in high school" Hirasawa
Dont they all
Dispute this you can't

Does this ever get back to "fun adventures with Jinto and Lafiel on land", or is it entirely a boring space opera from this point on?
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It's not really boring. Though I didn't like Banner I and II the first time I watched these. Banner II is not a space opera, but not a fun adventure either.
What bothers me more is that Lafiel went from playful alien princess to a total tsundere to Jinto.

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Akko flying soon
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more like Akko dying soon
Final episode spoiler:

The missile was launched by the England’s submarine because of Croixs dice that wanted hatred all over the world.
Akko gathers up everyone as the new nine witches and makes a long broom made up by seven brooms and the Shiny Rod to stop the missile.
Chariot and Croix dresses up the seven with the white clothe which was used in the Enchanted Parade and leave the seven to go after the missile.
Andrews dad and the England government tries and fails to shoot down the missile, but finds seven witches on a broom going after the missile on camera.
The witches didn’t have enough magic power to catch up to the missile, so each one used their final power to boost up the broom and bails out like a rocket fuel tank.
Akko and Daiana were to remain, but still they did not have enough magic power.
Chariot shouts out to the world to believe in them, and the world gives out their power to the two. (This part resembles to the scene of Satan of Genki-dama on Dragon Ball Z)
The two finally caches up to the missile and fights with the BEST FIGHT EVER, but gets shot down.
But the legendary broom Shooting Star saves them and the two go out to space and shoot the BIGGEST Shiny Arc EVER and destroys the missile.
In the epilogue, Croix gets taken by the Magic department but promises Chariot to find a way to cure her from the pollen. (Chariot was dressed like Ursula as usual, but her hair was red)
Akko tries to fly with her broom while everyone watching, buy fails like always.
Andrews joins up, and gives her back her hat, and FINALLY...
Finally what?

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the night continues

request music and hear it played

anime tunes for all!

google r/a/dio

enjoy /a/!
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/r/ eku sings
cute clover.

/r/ flip flappers OP

Was it /y/?
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Is there a chance that Super Saiyan 4 will come back and be combined with Super Saiyan God?
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No.And use the catalog faggot.

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Find a flaw
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not Jupiter. you are a man of low taste.
Too smart.
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She doesn't put out.

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Full imoto mode
Did she instantly mater it?

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The Akame artist drew up a oneshot recently. Not sure if anyone's dumped it yet.
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File: 1zj7_gjoker_1280_07_0319.jpg (247KB, 891x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1zj7_gjoker_1280_07_0320.jpg (251KB, 891x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Is Yaha-kui zaShunina the most tragic villain of the season?
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zaShunina >>>>>>>>> Deus Ex Machina Bitch
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Okay, I laughed.

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