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idk what 2 put here.
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I really love Ban.
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Welcome to the OC thread, where personal works are encouraged to be shared and criticized. Because who doesnt want to get better at gay porn?
writing, drawings, comics, so long as it's /y/, it applies

note- requests are for the drawthread, not here
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also, a prompt roll sheet for those working on their art/bored/ art blocked because why the fuck not

use random.org(max number 1000 rec) for rolling
Original manga characters
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Love the fleshy clothing things I see fairly often in /d/, but couldn't find much male art for that.
If I can’t find enough pics related to some fetish I have, I draw them.

Does anyone know the name of the artist who did this?
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Yes. But instead of spoon feeding you,
download the Saucenao browser app so you can look it up yourself.

Or like, don't be such a cunt, and answer the damn man. a 2 second answer essentially.
By the way, the artist is https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1164362

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The major's humiliation AND workload is about to increase.

What's more degrading than being forced to be a bitch for the guards...?

Being blackmailed to be a bitch by your fellow POWs...
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Post MK Yaoi
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some OC here

We live again!
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Yuuri is a stamina monster!
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We need more of Rinnosuke's ass
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You need to post 5 pics more to start a thread.
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Confronted, the Major tells his men why and what he's doing to get goodies. However I'm pretty sure he's not telling them the truth...which Private Saki discovers soon after.
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any giants out there~?
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6 images to start a thread, anon.
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Haven't seen this for a while, post anything from the original trilogy or from Andromeda.
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Kaidan is forever husbando
This is my OTP

What do we think of Dream Daddy?
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deep as a puddle
Very bare bones for a visual novels. No CGs, really?

>alcoholic I didn't ask for this dad,
>fujoshi fetish dad
>modern cool asian dad
>vanilla dad
>nigger dad
>poo dad
>bara dad


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Can we talk about this game?

This is my first H-game. For my first playthrough I wanted to fuck Arisoto so I visited him everyday but eventually he stopped appearing on the map. I figured out if you want a certain outcome you need to follow a walkthrough for it.

Ended up spending the last ten days in my room waiting for Arisoto to reappear and got the bad ending when you end up working on the farm with your gay dads.

Which route should I aim for first in my second playthrough? Which is the most fucked up?
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i have no helpful feedback, as i've never played it, but does anyone know when MangaGamer is releasing the official english version? i wanna see some uncensored diiiicks.
I remember following a guide and it was pretty much always choose the one character. You might need to go to school a couple times.

Arisato or Sakama was the most fucked up for me. Arisato because of all the fucked up shit you did to him. Sakama because I genuinely liked him.

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