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As September approaches, why not a new Danganronpa thread?
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The victor screwing the loser, or any pics that can be interpreted that way
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Well...they've gone and done it... They broke the stallion.

No more ropes needed for this guy. No, this once proud officer willingly sucks dick now and lets himself get fucked. Even being the reluctant pig in a carnal SPIT-ROASTING.

However, word about Tsubaki is spreading through the camp like wildfire, and the POWs want answers. But I'm not sure the sergeant has told the other prisoners exactly what's happening to the major.
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Hey all. The last time I was here, we translated Otogibanashi Momotarou. And today, I'd like to start translating Don't Say My Name by SCO.LABO/shoco.
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May the sharing be with us.
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Some links from last thread


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- silverjow
- sakimi
- maorenc
- ichan01
- lvlv
- destor777
- penguinfrontier
Not seen this leak so far.

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Porn with food in it, bonus points if cum is involved
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bit strange innit
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I mean, I guess it's kinda hot

Somebody please translate this manga and the artists other works. They look really good. https://myreadingmanga.info/meisho-hanten-haruaki-ana-horu-dake-ja-tarinessu-jp/
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Look, I know it just came out. But. A guys got needs.
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Guilty Gear and JOJO only.
I'm comfortable drawing many fetishes, and I love bedman, testament, answer, vanilla ice and terunosuke.
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Would you be willing to draw Ragna from GG blowing a guy in a pose similar to this?
How about Bedman appearing under some guy's bedsheets giving him a scary blowjob?
It'd be nice if his hospital gown was riding up on his hips while he's wriggling up against the guy's legs too.
Ragna is from blazblue. guilty gear and jojo only, sorry!

Pic Related
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Alistair is 10/10.

Sebastian has to be my favorite though. I want to take his virginity. Too bad not many people draw him.
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Definitely Kaidan

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Was just looking for 2D husbando for fapping purpose and bumped into this korean manga gem... THE STORY PIERCED MY HEART AND NOW I HAVE 2 NEW HUSBANDO!
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seriously myreadingmanga needs to get some DECENT COMIC, bring the translators!

I know u fags just want porn, so porn will do
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While im uploading porn, this is basically the idea.

Story set in a fictional world... seems identical to the current USA except desegregation happened only recently, Kana gets bullied for been Asian and his husbando Simon saved him and became friends
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They formed a band called Dark Heaven, and through a series of events they got very close and kissed and went full kawaii perfect couple

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