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general naruto thread
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personafags begone
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Nice reminder, If you wanna make a thread bump at least 5 images
I have only apocalypse porn to help you if you want
I'll post my hitoshura collection tomorrow
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Another one of these threads. Bonus points for submissive or bottom Black Hat.
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The rules are simple:
- Fill the chart with your favorite fictional men. Use your favorite pictures of them.
- Fill the center square with the ultimate husbando.
- Rate other anons' charts.
Starting off with mine.
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Hard mode.
Source on that Spark pic?

No bondage thread?
You are all a bunch of faggots.
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After telling the camp commandant off back in chapter 9, saying he was a man and an officer, and would NEVER be disgraced again, it looks like the humble pie Major Tsubaki (AKA: Bitch-Boy, AKA: Piggy) is about to eat will have a generous topping of CUM, as he goes crawling back to Major Howard for more malaria medicine, and to most likely be milked and 'cream-filled' again and again.

But first he has to make amends for his little hissy-fit by cleaning some boots.
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I have been playing Yu hi oh Hz tag force. Bastion misawa is my favourite. Please do share your yaoi with me
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Yu gi oh gx* auto correct fucked me over

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I usually draw monsters, robots and aliens but I can draw just about anything (within reason tho I have my own personal tastes too
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Hmm, if your taking requests I would love to see a big manly robot take a huge dick in his ass.
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not only I back this request
might I suggest it's Victor von Ion who is getting fucked in the ass
Op, is there a reason you could just ask for requests in the draw thread rather than starting a whole thread for yourself? Your ego too big to share a thread with other artists?

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Because we know Peter's fucked through half of it, and who doesn't love alien dick?
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I need pics of Kakashi/Iruka, bring it on :D
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Patreon #16 >>2420114

Links from last thread:
kakenari1706 https://mega.nz/#!xQZFyShS!XVaY1yJlSPN0aw3kcmOZn6Yl6YYQ27ImGKMxLxP1uGI


Suiton Deluxe Tier


MothyX May + June

Mazjojo Deluxe + July

Keep up the sharing spirit!
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thanks :)
Anyone have?
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Anyone have this set?

>>2399821 last thread
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Haven't seen a thread at all recently so how about we roll out some TAZ porn to celebrate the finale of the Balance arc? I don't have much in my folder and it's mostly Taako-centric so I'll specifically request more Magnus and any Edward.
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Starting off by dumping a bit of what I have saved.
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Post pics of any Tsuritama yaoi... a bit underrated, but eh, I like it.
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alright here's a general thread for all of the tales of games since we only have the one for zestiria
(previous one might have timed out? shrug)
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gonna do a mini-spam for some yuraven stuff

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