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Can we get a thread going about how we think the scene should have gone?
Here is my take. I hope we can add to it and make a badass story. Please continue it for me...

>theme plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdOceSVCJb0
>LF throws arya against the wall behind sansa and bran
>arya falls into the fireplace and beings to burn. she screams in agony as the entire room stares in complete awe as a man threw a goblin 50 feet
>"heh. bran? you are the raven. Did you see this?"
>LF throws the dagger across the room with the precision of an eagle. It hits bran right between the eyes.
>"there is your third eye"
>sansa screams "kill him!!!"
>the knights of the vale surround LF with their swords postured for attack. LF performs a leg sweep and all the knights fall to the ground. one sword flies up, LF performs a backflip, kicks the sword, and lands. the sword pommel falls perfectly into his hand.
>LF rips off his cloak to reveal a tank-top with a mocking-bird painted boldly in black
>"i'll have you know that my master wants you all dead."
>"master?" sansa muttered in horror, as bran's body lay lifeless in the seat next to her
>leaping into the air, LF lands on royce's shoulders.
>"heh." LF chuckles
>he pierces his sword into the skull of Royce and jumps off and performs 7 flips in the air before landing back in the middle of the solider's he kicked down.
>LF makes a defensive posture.
>they rise, and he spins into a cyclone cutting the knights to pieces.
>LF stops. His back is to sansa
>"what...???" sansa says as she cannot believe what is happening.
>then, arya covered in scars from the flames, takes needle and attempts to stab LF. he effortlessly blocks.
>"heh. not even close. give me a challenge."
>arya is enraged and charges LF with both hands on the sword. but she left herself open.
>LF, like lightning, moves behind the charging arya.
>arya knows its too late. her eyes open wide as she feels the sword in her heart.
>"nothing personal. bitch"
>arya falls to the ground
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Clicked because I thought this was a banepost.
Fuck you OP, GOTpost all you want just dont bait me
I'm sorry. I'm new. I'm from /mlp/ I didnt know

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When u start watching this show did you think it was just a story about people trying to make their way to the top / survive no right or wrong Who can play the GAME the best comes out on wins who was traped in their morals chains Lose

what the fuck were u looking for and how the fuck can GRRM approve all of this bullshit that is happening
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I initially liked the show because of ned but stopped watching when he died
I did a con with George last year after the finale. He brought up Arya and her Frey pies. The guy literally said, "So what was that anyway? Did she just kill everyone at The Twins and start baking fucking pies?" He had his head in his hands shaking it and laughing at the end. I wouldn't think he approves of much of this.

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ITT: Characters that have HPV

Pic related
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All of them. You as well.
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what's a good movie to watch when feeling ennui?
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me on the left

Episode 5 and Xena is a racemixer? What the fuck? Hercules and Iolaus never did any shit like this in 3 seasons so far.

How does Xena find the 1 nog in Ancient Greece and decide to fuck him? I thought Xena was a fucking lesbian what the shit.
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>he doesn't know about Iolaus and Nebula
Hercules also fucked that potato chucking paddy cracker mick cooze when he went to Ireland
on a different subject Xena fucks Aries regularly, Aries is in all likelihood her dad, which makes Hercules her Uncle and she fucked him too, just something to think about

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Burlington Bar's GOT Reactions Part 1

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gib big titty gf
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Comment on these videos with memes and buzz phrases from here so we can dox you and ruin your life for posting on a pedo board
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What were they reacting to?
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global warming
virtue signalling on a nationally televised scale

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Laces out!

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sneed.. easy on the feed & seed
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based Sneedposter
Dumb Barneyfag ripoff
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...And why would I want too?

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She was the perfect gf, I wish I was Light
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Bit psychotic though.
Cheap emma roberts knock off.
Wishes she could channel an iota of best emma's emotion. Pathetic.

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Is he the most /our guy/ character in /tv/ history?
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This scene was top tier comfy holy shit
Yeah Jamie is GOAT character. His arc is finally coming around in the show but it should have happened much earlier. They FUCKED up his original arc when they deviated so heavily from the source material but now Jamie seems back on track. God I hate D&D
His redemption arc is tepid at best and predictable. Sam is /tv/. Bron is /b/. Bran is /r9k/. etc

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Did you also clap when Littlefinger /got/ Littlefingered?
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What did they mean by this?
Fuck ofd bavk to /pol/ stupid fucking retard lemme help you

these people are just plain simply disgusting, literal subhumans

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Are Night King and wights depicting Alt-Right?
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Everybody no matter what race or sex is joins them.
Yes, it fits
>wights are alt-rights
>night king is drumpf
>white walkers are fascists
>daenerys is hillary clinton
>dragons are antifa
Holy shit I never thought of it like that you're a friggin genius OP

Will he melt in the westerlands?
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if only there were some appropriate thread where you can ask
(theres no karma here)
it would be extremely painful

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