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Cast her.
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ow waifufag

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>"Honest" Trailers
>Does nothing but repeat what they read in review articles and YouTube comments
What the fuck is their problem?
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I liked their Week of Ultron one.

>You were so beautiful that night you fucked your aunt.
>The incest, Jon. The incest. It was beautiful.
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When I was around 10 my best friend's older brother would let the two of us hide in his bedroom closet and watch him and his girlfriend fuck. They were around 15 I think. My best friend and I would watch through the slatted closet door. Good memories. I learned a lot.

The point is that I sympathize with Bran. Go ahead and watch.

while in closet, did you and your best friend help each other?

After gf left, did older brother play with you and your friend?

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clarify your question please. the whole time what?
Kino. Not even kidding, easily in my top 5 GOAT.

This is going to get buried under the morass of GoT threads currently infesting /tv/

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Is this the only true kino?
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Reddit is the other way
Don't stop posting op

welcome Lord Baelish. Sometimes writers got themselves cornered and don't know how to do it.
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Darth Maul got an amazing sendoff just recently though
>big Pussy

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ITT: Terrible show you unironically enjoy.

I would also unironically fuck the shit out of Patti
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Is this a true story?
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You best believe it is, goy!
Ernst Zundel says no.
It's true in the minds of (((some))) "people."

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This is a thread that contains major GOT book spoilers so don't open if unless you're up to date on that. YOU have been warned! My question is following in the next post, spoilered.
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Is pickle Rick a targaryan?
Is Aegon a Blackfyre?

does cocaine make you funnier?
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No, it makes you at best annoying and at worst violent.

It makes you think you're funnier though.
>cocaine doesn't make you funn-
>It makes you think you're funnier though.

Now that Joss is kicked out of hollywood with Refn finally get a chance to make his CapeKino batgirl art film?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

wtf i love gumball now
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wtf is this real?
probably, Gumball's always been in the spongebob vein of 'shows that are actually for the parents but use colors and animals to draw in children audiences'
I haven't watched Gumball in a while, when did it get redpilled?

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I thought they only chopped off his cock?

He has no fucking balls either? How has he not devolved in a pudgy mass of fat?
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You dont necessarily go overweight if you get cut.
you lose all your muscle mass yes. No testosterone to maintain it.

And you lose a lot more in terms of personality. He shouldn't even be able to stand up for himself.

>gain the upper hand in a fight because you literally have no cock and balls.


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Hahahahahahahah, his arms are too short!
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Can you even enjoy Bernd if you cannot understand German? Even with subtitles I cannot imagine that it would even be close to how a native speaker experience it, his sarcasm and often expresions that cannot really be translated, also the voice is a big part of his character which loses impact if you cannot understand what he is saying, then reading it is not the same.

Chili a cute

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What is the best Steven Seagal movie?
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I refuse to believe he is a real person
It's hard to pinpoint a "best" in a filmography filled with classic as:
Above the Law
Hard to Fill
Under Fridge
Under Fridge 2: Lard Territory
Out for a Snack
Marked for Diet
Executive Provision
The Slimmer Man
On Fertile Ground
Food Down Below
Half Past Dinner
Belly of the Beast
Cream Whipped

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