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>friend left her Netflix account logged in on my laptop

What kinos do I watch now?
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Death Note
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*sips tea*
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How 'bout that bonus situation?
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did you guys got a little sad when shaw was singins country roads
I got
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I ain't going near that planet until we discuss this bonus situation.

Closest thing is maybe Marshall but he's kind of a cuck. The Mother is also tolerable but a bit Reddit imo.
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Victoria was likable.
>all over his dick
>he bitches out because "muh robin"

fuck you Ted, you deserve misery
I hate this show, it was bland and vanilla with shit normie predictable humor and cringey characters that made the sitcom format even less enjoyable.

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why cant they just get a bunch of wildfire and allahu akbar the nightking from above?

can't they look for more dragon eggs?

is jon snows sperm more powerful than jorah or danny's other lovers? did they all pull out?

why did jamie abandon the bronn
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> no mention of Azor whatever
> no resolution to "the dragon has three heads"
> no confirmation that Bran is the one that made the Mad King lose his mind even though it was clearly implied in S6
> Major characters dying in groups of 3-5
> Cersei and Dany dying before the finale
> Cleganebowl seems anti-climactic
> Ending is Bran becomes new NK? FUcking why?

I thought you autists were giving D&D a hard time, but holy shit if this is really how it all ends GRRM will probably hang himself
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What's the point of this. you know damn well those are fake
literally this

consider all spoilers fanfiction for now. the legit ones from previous seasons didn't happen until production was underway
>even though it was clearly implied in S6
No it fucking wasn't. It was an interesting fan theory, but in no way was it "implied" just because it was shown that he can fuck with the past.

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Why do any of the Lannister bannermen still follow her blindly? Why the hell would Jaime leave KL alone when hes no longer KG and by rights Head of House Lannister (regardless of Cersei being Queen)? The Lannister Army has been with Jaime and commanded by him for like 3 seasons now, why wouldnt he take more men with him? Why would the army agree to stay under Cersei's command?

Also, consider this
>Boltons betrayed the Starks
>Tarlys betrayed the Tyrells
>Freys betrayed the Tullys
>Most of the Stormlands were with Renly against Stannis

Yet somehow, the West has never turned on the Lannisters despite all the weakness theyve shown since Tywin's death, and despite the fact that the Lannisters are despised but feared, and now the Houses have no reason to fear them. Are we supposed to believe all the Lannister bannermen want to follow Cersei to all-out war with dragons? Tyrion and Dany havent been able to turn a single Western House against Cersei?

>inb4 she has the mountain

Literally attack him with 10 knights and they wil be able to kill or subdue him. Is Zombie Clegane able to kill the whole Lannister Army if they turned on Cersei?
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If anything it makes no sense why the riverlands haven't rebelled to overthrow the freys .
The Lannister bannermen probably would have rebelled if it weren't for a targaryian whore with dragons and a foregin horde at their doorsteps
>The Lannister bannermen probably would have rebelled if it weren't for a targaryian whore with dragons and a foregin horde at their doorsteps
Thats exactly my point though. Their safest bet to not getting burned to death is to Bend the Knee to Dany and turn on Cersei. Its what happened in the Riverlands and the Reach when Aegon the Conqueror came to Westeros, all the smaller Houses joined him (in return he destroyed the Ironborn ruling the Riverlands and he destroyed House Gardner, who were betrayed by the Tyrells at the time)

Literally why has not a single Western House joined Dany?
Tywin had the region locked up, and it would just take longer than a few years for any of the lords to amass power or form an alliance.

The lands are under the control of Dany for now. She pulls out as part of their deal. Maybe then we see rebellious former bannerman and stuff.

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was it KINO????????
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> mfw people actually think Nora was telling the truth

Absolutely. Criminally under-viewed but easily the best show of the last ten years, even ranking it above Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

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>could be living a comfy life alone with his onee-san who loves him in some remote warm cabin in the north, away from all the trouble
>instead dies for some ungrateful retarded cripple who doesn't even do anything useful with his powers
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>Littlefinger was born with no lands, no wealth, no armies. He has acquired the first two. How long before he has the army?
>Perhaps you laugh, but I know him better than most.
>And this is the truth: Littlefinger is one of the most dangerous men in Westeros.

What happened?
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why do you make a new /got/ thread every ten minutes? fuck off. mods do your fucking job.
powerful men are nothing compared to YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS QUEEN SLAAAAAAAAAY
Because he was a prisoner of his own ambitions, which were self serving. That led to his downfall.

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Is it worth a rewatch? Haven't seen the original 5 seasons since they aired and haven't seen anything beyond S5.
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I've re-watched S1 several times and always enjoy it. I went on to watch the first half of S2 one time and was enjoying it fine but lost interest at some point and never went back.

I'd say give it a shot. But I do remember clearly thinking the show was losing steam around S5 the first time I watched through it.
I love the show the first time but I tried to rewatch it and 2bh it's a lot less tense and thrilling when you know what's going to happen

not sure if I'd say it's worth it
S5 is literally the best season you wankstain.

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>The physiognomy of a film connoisseur is indicative not only of the connoisseur's character but the art of film as a whole. Show me one man who has purported to being a fan of film that had was conscious of their health and took care of their physique. No one has ever been able to answer this question and that should tell you something. When you look at someone like Roger Ebert you immediately recoil into a fit of pity and disgust. What a sad fate he endured but that's just nature and biology taking its course. It applies even to the new wave of YouTube critics who purport to be connoisseurs of cinema. They will all share Ebert's fate. It's in their blood. Do you know any CEO of a fortune 500 company who is into film? What about successful politicians? Of course they'll watch a movie every now and then, everyone does. But I'm talking specifically about connoisseurs. This is biodeterminism. Film as an art appeals to the weak, the ostracized, those coping with the ineptitude of their molecular structure. They have nothing else going for them. There's a reason why a connoisseur of film is not appealing to the opposite sex. It's just nature ensuring the strong that only they will survive.

Is he right?
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>Film as an art appeals to the weak, the ostracized,
nigga woke

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Who did it better?
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I don't remember the forests of Westeros whispering the Knight Kings name
Nobody does it better.
Makes me feel sad for the rest.
This. Also GOT did it first

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Was he autistic?
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Mass media is controlled by the _____
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eternal ____

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