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what is some good baseball kino?
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angels in the outfield
A League of Their Own
rookie of the year

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Are you saving up your money for a Pickle Rick Pop Figure?
I can't wait to keep a Pickle Rick next to me at my battle station.
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not even joking, last semester I was in class with this younger dude who would bring his Rick Pop and keep it out on his workspace
I love pickle rick but hate funko
hope to find a better figure
I was in gamestop the other day, they had a buy 3 get one free sale and this nerd must have bought 30 of them

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Isn't that the question of tomorrow?
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Now I'm gonna kick your little ass.
I miss young Dane.

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Anyone else more excited for Orville than Discovery?
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Im even more excited for RLMs take on the two. I dont think Ill even bother watching them myself.
>watching people review tv shows you have no interest in watching
they're not your friends you know

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Did you autists leave the house to go support based Jim and see this masterwork in an actual good 3D conversion and remaster?
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Who asked for this? How can Cameron sink so low?
No. I'm colourblind so 3D doesn't work for me.
Nah, I'll just watch it on YouTube.


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Was this the most cringe worthy scene in all of television?
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Still doesn't beat all the retarded moon-logic of last week's episode, but yeah it was pretty bad.
Not by a long shot.
That was the most kino moment of this season. Are you kidding?

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How does it feel to realise that the TV show you've been watching has been World of Warcraft fanfiction in disguise
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Seriously. If Jon becomes the night king I'm going to lol for a week solid. HBO will have saved me a bunch of expansion packs.
All of Warcraft is just Warhammer fanfiction and EverQuest leftovers.
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Happy Birthday Fire Walk With Me Edition


Meanwhile >>87026719
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david lunch lol
The fact that the show will be over in a week and I'll never see /tpg/ again irks me to no end.
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This triggers the autistic animeposter

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you don't get to bring friends

It would have been the perfect moment to bring back Sean Bean for a cameo when Sansa and Arya were saying nice things to each other and talking about missing their father. As that scene developed, I was fully expecting to see Sean Bean's Eddard Stark telling his daughters to remain strong in a vision of some kind at some point in the episode.

Why no Sean Bean?
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There should have been a giant Sean Bean in the sky
This but with 50% transparency and just his face
I think a Sean Bean cameo could really only work in a Bran vision, but I can't imagine what such a scene's purpose would serve. I'd love to him again, but the show has not delved into dreams and such as much as the books have.

This is the comfy Tim of spookiness and melancholy. Good remakes and and campy yet charming tv mini-series will come to you, but only if you post "we float too, tim" in this thread.
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No thanks, I'm good.
I have come to fucking hate the word "campy"
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we float too, tim

I predicting a 78% on RT for the new IT adaption

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You put a gun to his head. You said "Tell me about bane, why does he wear the mask?"
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It went downhill after season 3, right?
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>could be living a comfy life alone with his onee-san who loves him in some remote warm cabin in the north, away from all the trouble
>instead dies for some ungrateful retarded cripple who doesn't even do anything useful with his powers
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sound like my life desu senpai kek

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