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Did Ghost die offscreen?
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literally who?
no. he is in castle winterfell before Jon went to dragonstone.
no he turned into john's sword pommel
D and D is trying to end him rightly.

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Was it kino?
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yes it's a great horror flick, 2 not so great but still enjoyable. 3 is going to be pure creeper kino.
It was a good tense weird horror movie with some funny moments

I wish we never got a good look at the monster man. Fuck me that bat wing coming out of the guy when he was run over.

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How bad me be?
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how would /tv/ blow 30 million in 30 days?
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rent a two bedroom apartment in manhattan
Was it a lot harder to spend money in the 80's? You could spend $30 million in an afternoon now.
I'd donate it all to Feminist Frequency.

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>tfw lying in bed watching their vids all night
Why are they prime comfy?
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Dunno but they really are. There music and gaming lists are great too. Generally well thought out I believe too.
What do we think of their best movies of all time list tho
I stay away from the "all time" ones for movies, cuz sure I haven't seen at least 7 of them. Their all time metal n gaming lists are spot on, personal biases aside

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Admit it

This is a good comfy show
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The first 2 seasons are watchable, after that it gets ridiculous.

Show started going downhill after they forced Amy

It's still enjoyable though

I'm only on episode 7 don't know how much more i can take
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fucking hate this bitch. self entitled slut.
i seen her boobie and bum

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What's his endgame?
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Poisoned by his enemies

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>when the coolest aspect of your show is exploring the fantastic unknown, and then the fantastic unknown runs out

Seriously what happened to this show?
Moments like pic related were magical, when we first saw life and death toyed with.
Now there's really nothing more that can surprise me, or fill me with wonder.
It's all just boring, repetitive, cliché tv character development in an annoyingly familiar world.

I miss not knowing what was out there.
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Because it was reduced to a cartoon show about the good humans versus the evil white walkers

There's no ambiguity to it anymore, nobody is a schemer and you can tell who the villains are

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Sorry sweetie, this is.
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At least it was visually interesting.

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>smells like ballz xD
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That's actually the only good writing in the movie, the first line. What a shit, self-congratulatory film

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This was great
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Part 1 is good but part 2 is bad. How come?
part one was, dare i say it, comfy
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>those dull shots
Truly fitting for one of the dullest franchises in the history of movie franchises throughout. Seriously each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody?just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

>a-at least the books were good though
The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

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*impedes your progress*
Salve, citizen
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you have a gallic look about you, cuck!

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