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You know, Anakin, Sith Lords have the ability to save pregnant women from dying during childbirth.
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Do they? We didn't get to know.
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You know, Anakin, Sith Lords have the ability to impregnate their qt padawan (male) girlfriends.
Can you learn such power?

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Cast it
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Idris Elba as RX-78
My only idea

Alexander Skarsgard - Char
RX-78 is white

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Two days until this starts, whos excited?
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oh shit, any trailers yet?

this is the only netflix original i like
Really? Shit I've heard nothing

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Why did Tom Cruise wear a fake botty in Edge Of Tomorrow?
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I want a girl to fart in my mouth, I've never had a girl fart in front of me before. I don't have a SO, or any friends that are girls. Would a sex worker/prositute fart in my mouth? How do I get a girl to do this for me? What does it feel like to have a girl fart in your mouth? I need some tips please.

maybe some sort of crash pad because he did do some of his own stunts
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pic very related
>professional and knowledgeable critics hate it
>random plebs from /tv/ love it
really activates the almonds
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one of the best action movies ever made you slackjawed faggot.
who gives a fuck what critics think, roger ebert gave sky captiain and the world of tomorrow 4/4 stars

Skycaptain is an entertaining flick.
But Ebert was a moron nonetheless.

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At last, he became the Eraserhead. Brava, Lynch.

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>he fell off the laddah
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Fly you fools!
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Is there a convention on question marks and exclamation mark order?

Is it ?! or !?

Goerge Clooney may be a dapper fellow but don't forget, he wacks off just like the rest of us
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Yeah, he whacks off into the mouths of A-List starlets and supermodels.
Clooney is a hack
He is only good in coen kino
how much hgh does he take

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The Virgin run
H-he's fast!

Movies about being alpha?
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my biopic
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Bet dude has a tiny 5inch penor

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*Flipping Comic Intro*
>*Audience is quiet*
What's your name?
>*crunch popcorn*
Just Wong?
>*Everyone at the audience start to smile*
Like Adele?
>*small giggles can be heard*
Drake? Bono? Eminem?
>*People start crying to contain the laughter*
>*Entire theater erupts in a thunderous laughter*
>*Movie gets a 90% at RT and 74 in Metacritic*
>*Hyenas in zoos across the nation driven mad by what their perceive to be the calls of their species break from their cells and start attacking everyone*
>*America succumbs as Trump is killed by a horde of liberals*
>*Elliot Rodger comes back from the dead and start killing normies*
>*Justice League flops*
>*Muslims conquer Europe*
>*Murdoch Murdoch gets censored on Youtube*
>*Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is the highest grossing movie of all time*
>*5 Game of Thrones spin offs announced*
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I'll give you a bump friendo

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Andrew Dice Clay - Sam Kinison

Now that the dust has settled; Who was in the wrong here?
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Kinison was way more of an asshole to Dice than was called for, but Dice is bottom-of-the-barrel tier and Kinison is funny.
Dice, he's an ultra faggot
if you post it over and over again will you be e-famous?
no you'll be a faggot retard shitposter forever

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poo in loo dobby.jpg
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Would you demand a Dobby pussy indulgence?
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Every so often a thread like this emerges that completely baffles me as to what OP is looking at on his computer and how and why the thought entered his head to make this abysmal fucking thread
Show bob and vagen
I actually LOLd

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>last name is Daggett
>comes from French "Dague"
>friend's name is Jonas
>Dague Jonas
>Dougie Jones

Did Bravo Nolan serious LYNCH us before Lynch could get the chance?
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