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>you will never be a hobbit of the shire
Leaving in the city is not how humans are meant to live, I just want to spend a day farming and then spend the night drinking and eating with my fellow hobbits
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>his name is Egon Targaryan

this doesnt fit in any phantastic setting. what did this martin think? or this davidoff?
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aegon nigger
What were the Ghostbusters going to do after they caught all the ghosts? Wouldn't they be out of business?

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Was Dan Schneider setting up to make him the first transgender character in Nickelodeon history? They did poke fun at his gender a lot. Even the character's name was the name of a FEMALE singer.
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I remember when /tv/ loved Dan Schneider.

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Luke, did I ever tell you about the most comfortable chair ever designed? The most comfortable chair ever designed, or that had yet been designed as of the Trioculus affair in 5 ABY, was described as a sort of gigantic floating pillow. Han Solo owned one such chair, and it featured prominently among the furnishings of his sky house.

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Ahh yes, a Jedi's weapon. I used to have a red one just like it. I lost it in a duel with Master Yoda when we fought in the senate building.
He was a little green friend.
Space hemmhoroids suck ass.
Anakin, ever heard about chairs? No? It's not something the Jedi would tell you. Here's a list of every chair appearing in every Star Wars movie/novel or videogame.


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What will his catchphrase be?
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Ass to ass.
Show hasn't even aired yet and I already hate it.
Babilushunga ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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>implying she isn't the hottest woman on tv
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Literally who?
>twin peaks is ending soon
>gypsy got cancelled
I hated her since Mulholland drive because she looked like one of my ex.
Same tits and else. But now that i've made peace with all this i find her pretty hot.

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>villain makes sexist insulting comment to a female protagonist
>feel extremely angry and furious at him, can't continue watching the movie until I imagine in my head how I would have violently beaten the shit out of the villain in front of the girl

Does this happens to just me ? The weirdest thing is the rest of the time I am super against violence but I feel like if I was in this situation in real life I could kill someone without realizing.
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lol, what a fag
thats some serious white knight syndrome

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Isn't this show called suit?
This is the kind of shows in wich every actors looks the same.
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>It's a "we can't say shit or fuck on network TV so we say goddamn every other sentence" episode
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What went wrong?
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Prometheus 2 with Xenomorph tacked on
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Great casting but the script let it all down.
Ridley pussyfooted with the idea of making a true sequel to Prometheus and instead concocted a half-baked sequel that just muddles the storyline even further.

Will this character ever be topped?
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piggy > bunny
Not in the same context. Today making such a movie would be called sexist etc.
I thought the left are normalizing pedophilia nowadays?

>movie sets up a stark dichotomy between the world of the womazons vs. "the world of men" (sic)
>womazons are basically perfect angel warriors sent by the gods who exist in harmony with the world and only want to protect it
>womazons are naturally perfect and 50 times more capable warriors than the manliest spartan who ever lived, despite having zero muscle mass
>womazons must save the world from toxic violence that is essentially male and of course especially German
>evil german men (and by virtue of her germanness, the occasional female) are in the war because they are driven by a literal demon/evil god, the nemesis of the womazons, and they want to develop a supergas to genocide literally the whole world. and of course they wear horrific phantom of the opera masks and get turned on by autistic pseudo-deep blabla about the meaningless of life and ze fire in vich ve burn, you know, just german things
>only the womazons can "cross NO MAN's land", and generally do what no man can, and save the world from toxic male and germanic violence.
>the solution to stopping that violence: punching and murdering your opponents

this movie activated the shit outta my almonds
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This girl that I started dating is very open about pooping. She talks about she has no problem going in front of others. I'm just anxious for the day the 21 year wait finnaly ends!
Girls are obviously more open around other girls. My friend said that her and my ex were drunk once and both pooped in an alleyway on the way home from the bar. When I dated her I dont even think she even said the word poop around me.
I've got a couple from the last few years

Me and a lab partner in highschool were talking shit about a mutual friend that we both had and then she said "I don't know why I'm telling you this, but my friends and I will sometimes poop on peoples lawns when we are walking home late at night (I'm assuming coming back drunk from parties) and I'm pretty sure we pooped on his lawn one time." Don't know why she told me and I never really asked again.

My girlfriend told me that her best friend has to take toilet paper whenever she goes on long runs because one time she was running 6-7 miles and had to take a massive shit off to the side of the trail. She made my girlfriend look at it the next day when they were running.

Few weeks ago I was drinking with some friends and one of them went into long detail about how she completely clogged the first toilet they shit in when they went to Italy since apparently those toilets use less water and she takes huge dumps. Apparently she likes to talk about pooping when she drinks.

My girlfriend is also completely shameless and will pee basically anywhere at anytime. If she needs to pee, she will squat anywhere and go. I took a five hour car ride with her today and we pulled over twice on the highway so she could go behind the car real quick. Anyways, we were on vacation yesterday and coming back home late after hitting a couple bars. We were almost back to our airBNB when she had to pee again. So she pulls down her pants and squats down to and I dared her to shit in the middle of the sidewalk. She took me up on it immediately and pooped right there on the side of the road. Funny thing is I actually haven't told her I'm into that, but I'm sure she will be happy to entertain my fetish.

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>watch first five minutes of The Master
>Pacific Theatre was just a Gay Summer Camp

The fuck is this!?
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I like the second processing scene where Joaquin and Mr Robot have to insult each other without blinking. I forgot what Joaquin said the second time, something like "what have you done? I fought in the war?" then he realizes how much of a failure he was. I cri everytiem
if that's what you got from the first five minutes you should just stop now
Reddit: the film

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Share the load
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that's... that's gay, man
>When you run out of cocaine but your friend still has 4 grams
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>people we know and love die, are killed, whatever in one episode
>next episode everybody acts like nothing happened, issue isn't even adressed
Are Americans that devoid of conection to their loved ones?

Pic related is the first time I saw that happened
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lana is a big girl
yes, tv shows are basically perfect representations of american society
>black people are human beings
I fucking hate this ridiculous fantasy.

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would this narrative work?
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Katy Perry is hideous
wanna see katy get blacked with that short hair

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