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What a fantastic movie!
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(You) are fantastic anon
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What are some of the best series of films /tv/ doesn't talk enough about?
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snyder capekino trilogy

Any one hype for this movie?


Also give me some rec for other movies that have a Haneke vibe.
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Looks interesting. The trailer would've been better without the girl's horrid singing.
looks gay
>watching t*rk movies

Did anyone else find the journalist fucker to be an unbeatable cunt? He literally took credit for something that was basically 99% someone else's work. And he thinks that if he tells them "but he is suffering!!"
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ching chong ding dong

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why is this scene so hard to watch?

also terminator thread

>why did John and his mother and the T800 forgot to destroy the arm that was left behind in the machinery
>how sentient was the T1000 actually?
>why was it so important to mention that Michael jackson turned 40 at the end?
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lol fuck off reddit
I'm not reddit you homo
can trust man to kill himself
cant trust woman to destroy his arm

>mfw she trained to be a badass and still needed protecting from who she trained to be ready for.

liquid metal dude had to ask around town, and still found sarah conner

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>2hr 39min run time

Fuck that.
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t. brainlet

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When will WB adapt this? It's perfect for grimdark approach to superhero movies.
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There is such a thing as "too edgy".

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Have you seen the absolute movie of the year so far? Pic related
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We write the plane scene as directed by other directors
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doctor muthafuckin wack ass cracka, i'm that nigga CIA u feel me
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>tfw no cia gf
>The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Quentin Tarantino

>CIA and Smee stand outside a plane, waiting

>CIA: "You ever wonder why a foot fetish isn't socially acceptable?"

>Smee: "What?"

>CIA: "Foot fetishes. Why aren't they acceptable? People talk about wanting to fuck tits, asses, pussies, but the second you mention you want to nut on a girl's toes, people look like you just raped a fucking dog."

>Smee: "What are you talking about man?"

>CIA: "You never put any thought into this?"

>Smee: "I'm just here to do a job man"

>CIA: "Never be that guy. Never just show up to do a job. That's fucking lazy. It's fucking intellectually dishonest. Put some thought into this shit"

>Smee: "Money is money, I don't think about it"

>CIA: "So I tell you to bend over and let Maimen fuck your ass for some money, you don't think about it?"

>Smee: "Man, what? Fuck off"

>CIA: "Oh, finally, here comes that fucker Pavel. Late as usual"

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Old: >>87097048
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I don't normally like to mix my personal politics with the TV I watch but something about this show seriously scares me.
The majority of this show's fans are 100% behind Daenerys, a woman whose only claim to power is ownership of three biological superweapons, that are controlled exclusively by her.
The same people also cheered at Littlefinger's 'trial' where he was murdered without any evidence but it's ok because 'he's a bad guy'
Watching redteamreview cause of his connection to preston, what should I expect?

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Where does it rank in Kubrick's body of work?
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in his ass
Low, he directed it but it wasn't exactly "a Stanley Kubrick production"
Having said that you definitely get your money's worth from it
It's to Kubrick what Dune is to Lynch.

How the hell does he do it bros? Never been with anyone else, fucking the same old pussy since '96. I'm sick of fucking my girlfriend and we've only been dating for a year and a half.
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Women are not meatbags anon.
I'm only 27 and I've been with the same girl for 9 years, and I've never grown tired of her.

Pretty sure the trick is to legitimately love the person you're with. Like as an example, I can't fucking stand anybody else on this shitty fucking planet, not even my own family, but I'm actually happy with her, and actually enjoy talking with her and all that shit. When I'm not with her, I'm a miserable fuck. So I say this to say perhaps you've yet to actually find someone you aren't miserable with, or something to that effect.
Maybe you should try fucking a man faggot

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>the meme actor playing the meme author
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name a worse actor than him

protip: you fucking can't
Was getting cast part of his plan?
I can't wait to hear him read Joyce's fart letters in his stupid accent

Original Audrey's Dance Edition


Meanwhile: >>87097300
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I found a flaw in Twin Peaks singing.

James is not a good singer and technically wouldn't get chicks with his voice.
It's bad writing.
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How does this picture make you feel?
But seriously, how can you jail someone indefinitely when they're unable to even communicate?

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>you and I... we're not so different
>I was once like you
>You humans are so... impractical
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