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movies with this aesthetic?

somebody say: Rocky III
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BRock o lhee
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mayweather mcgregor.jpg
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>Mayweather is that small
>still has roid chest

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So I went to see Dunkirk and before dunkirk there was a trailer for a show about how hard things are for women in today's world and one bit was about the muslim ban and how some cunt couldnt get into the country because of it.

I find it incredibly silly how this was on before dunkirk, where the movie is basically a snuff film of men biting it.

I am here wondering if anyone remembers that show? I think it was coming on NBC as there was a will and grace commercial aswell about how "finally we have a show where two men can kiss each other".
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This is by far the shittiest, most childlike, most blandest and most generic movie series ever made. There hasn't been another movie franchise that makes you forget each movie after you see it. How the MCU has made so much money beats me. Captain America is literally the worst super hero ever. Iron Man has become such a meme after the first. The comedy is fucking sour with so many kiddy tones (Hulk in the Avengers was so fucking terrible with his shitty design and the humor).

The music is COMPLETELY forgetful. I do not remember ANY music in Spiderman Homecoming apart from the opening rendition of the 60's Spiderman theme song. Nothing like the masterpiece score by Danny Elfman in Sam Raimi's Spiderman trilogy. Captain America Civil War has absolute shit cinematography and a horrible bland color pallate. It looks like a made for tv movie.

I will say Doctor Strange and Guardians of Galaxy 2 were much better than I thought they would be (but considering these do not have any Avengers in them, it's ironic how the least Avenger MCU movie actually is the most watcheable). You have no idea how fucking annoyed I am when logging onto Netflix and seeing shitty capeshit like The Defenders or whatever that is. Our world has become so constipated with super heroes all over the place where actual good tv shows like Gypsy with Naomi Watts had to get cancelled and make room for more fucking bland capeshit.

I am so sick and tired of seeing goody good super heroes save the day by defeating some alien from another universe (at least Sam Raimi's Spiderman had some parts where Spidey helps fight local crime but the Avengers has a habit of ignoring all criminals on the earth as they fight galactic battles. It is just all so too much and all so tiring). At least Suicide Squad wasn't your generic super hero movie because it was about villains (even though the WB cut fucked the movie over so much and sadly we will never see the supreme David Ayer cut).
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Please do the world a favor and stop supporting generic super hero movies. I am so not looking forward to Justice League. At least we are getting a standalone Joker movie not a part of the DCEU so that should be really great seeing what they do with his origin. Cinematic universes is the reason why I have become to despise a lot of super hero movies because they don't feel like art pieces of cinema but just cash grab shit stains. I cannot believe Disney wants to continue doing their pathetic MCU for another 20 years supposedly. And now with Joss Whedon taking over the DCEU, it's going to just keep getting more and more shit. God help us all.
>/tv/ will deny this
GotG, Strange, Ant-Man, all pretty good
Taika's Thor should follow suit. Black Panther as well.
I haven't seen Spidey, but Marvel's only truly bad directors are the Russos. They're uninspired, uncinematic, and really typify the Marvel house style, but i'll just continue to avoid their films and frequent those of their much better directors.

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>My wife's nephew
Is he the biggest cuck ever?
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Yiff in hell furfag.
Those fucking 1080p yifi make my eyes bleed.
Every time I download from Yify I get "bad pool caller" blue screen of death



>Directed by the guy who did Bone Tomahawk
So you know it's gonna be kino
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but Meme Tomahawk was absolute shit and Vince is a horrible actor. Are you from reddit?
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>never lost my keys
>never had a fucking key chain

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>mfw stayed up past my bedtime ON A SCHOOL NIGHT

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He's pretty scary in Detroit desu.
I'm down with the sickness
I'm taking my mom to see It. She is excited but has no idea it's horror. Will she float?

>character meets new person that are really similar and "understands" them
>starts spending time with this new person instead of the main group
>main group gets sad
>new person ends up being weird/creepy/spooky, characters leaves him and gets back in the main group
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This happened to me irl
What is the point of having a group of friends? How do you not get overwhelmed/tired of people constantly talking and being obnoxious?
this is what happens every time
>have group of friends
>one person ruins it
that person is almost always a woman too
when it's not, the thing that ruins it is either political in nature or something equally as dumb

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The (unironically) great thing about Jennifer Lawrence movies is that whatever character she plays, I get to know what their butthole looks like.

No mater what they say or do, I can picture their anus while they're doing it, and it makes me believe in the performance so much more.
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I would like to have sex with her.
I don't get the joke.
Hate to break it to you bud but that wasn't her butthole

Previous Thread:
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*blocks your path*
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You think they sat around and talked about how many spoonheads they killed and how?

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"I, Anon, am Pennywise, the Dancing Clown."
"You are Anon."
"So now we know each other. Correct?"
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"Pennywise, like the band?"
No like the great reserve. He's penny wise.
He does dance in the book. He does a mad shuck and jive after talking about raping all the men at Beverly's house. The director's sister says he will dance in the flick since they wanted him to live up to the dancing clown part.

> dude Cloverfield lane with boring niggers lmao
And teevee eats this shit up
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Oh shit is it out?
>dude oversimplification makes my opinions matter lmao
Does it really have niggers or did you use it as an insult?
I still have time to download something else for tonight.

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Sad Hamill.png
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Does Mark Hamill shit on nuStar Wars like in that Disney event?
Just more kike relativism and subjectivity, nothing here. There is no good and evil, stupid goy. There is no right and wrong, goyim.
Every interview is monitored and edited now. They censored the last Disney event. You can't watch the unedited footage anywhere because they got scared of mark's freedom

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Why do they use only dragonglass and fire to kill the zombie fucking shits?Thought it was established that the meme steel Jon's sword is made of kills them too for some reason, wouldnt i be easier to just use those weapons instead of mining for glass?
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there are only a handful valyrian steel swords/daggers/whatever left
>make every soldier in Dany's armies a bowman
>make millions of glass arrowheads out of that mountain
>spam the skies and fields with clouds of instakill when whights and walkers are in range
>war over in 30 minutes
Showfaggots need to be culled

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How would you write this episode?
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the show's creator is right-leaning so the show is cancelled again
they already made it

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